The Phases of Aging by Darrah J. Perez

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We as yfaithoung children learn at a young age that age is power. At such a young age we want to grow up so bad in order to make grown up decisions. When our parents discipline us we resent them because we ourselves think that we are able to make our own righteous decisions. We don’t understand that the discipline our parents gave us, is and was, their form of caring for us and loving us, in wanting only the best for their offspring.

We don’t always understand that there is a reason that we must crawl first before we walk.


As an adolescent the feeling that age is power gets stronger and stronger, as we begin getting closer and closer to legally doing grown up things, such as; gambling, smoking, drinking, and having sex. It doesn’t dawn on us, that these adult-like actions all come with choices and consequences, especially, if not done in a controlled way.

Yeah at first it is cool, and the feeling of being grown up is so alive, but then things start to bucker down; we begin wishing we were young again. We begin wishing we could go back to our younger years and do it all over again, all over again, in a total different direction. We want to get the thought of ‘what if’, out of our minds.

We begin getting the true meaning of age is power. It is then, we begin listening—we start understanding the message from age.A message from age


     As we grow older in years, we begin feeling the aging process take place within our bodies. We begin realizing we don’t move as fast, we like the fact that we can make more rational decisions, and when we look in the mirror we start seeing the changes taking place. Some of us, we embrace the thought, “With age comes beauty.” We believe that the older we get the more graceful we look, the more radiant, while others resent age for taking their youthful years. They feel ashamed for being old, they have this sense that being old is a bad thing.

Age comes in many phases that we all tend to experience. Having the knowledge and wisdom that comes with many years of life is one of the greatest rewards of age.

But, unfortunately, as we grow older, we rely more on our children, and our families to care for us. We begin understanding that age is a mirror image of life as time ticks away on a clock without a face. Some of us get depressed and upset, not being able to get around freely, or to live without assistance. Some of us just give up. Some of us fight for that last dying day, way passed more than 100 years.

When we listen, ALL of LIFE HAS MEANING, and the phases in age come with a message. The message wanting us to make sure we are all paying attention. The message brought by the phase of age is: “Live Life with the Best of Ability. Give it All you Got. Love One Another. Help One Another. Remember, we will ALL walk within the shoes of our much older parents ONE day.”

We need to remember this at a young age.

Darrah J. Perez is an Author/Poet from the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. Her first book IT NEVER HAPPENED, can be bought by clicking the link below.



18 thoughts on “The Phases of Aging by Darrah J. Perez

  1. All truisms that often aren’t thought of until we are old and slower. Are those pictures of family or friends? I vacillate between feeling proud and ashamed of being older, but only because of what I perceive others might think. I think our minds tend to lag behind our bodies sometimes!

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    1. Yes, these are my own person pictures. In the phase of age that I am in right now, I sometimes wish I could get a retry on some things, but I definitely make the most of each and every day regardless.


    2. Yes! These are my own pictures. Myself, I am in the phase of life where I sometimes wish I could get a retry on certain things, but I live life to the fullest, making the most out of each and every day, regardless!


  2. What a lovely, heartfelt post, Darrah. I just read anther post on Facebook that was to the tune of “You don’t know what’s coming for you so live for the day- but not in an irresponsible way, on a way that will be beneficial to you AND yours.” I think both views are compatible when they tie up a freedom with a contrasting responsibility. Turning that clock back probably means missing out on things which have been precious in your life.

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  3. How true, Darrah. When I was in my 20s, I never thought of myself as a man of 64, dealing with osteoporosis and a patched-together hip. I’ve been with my parents when both took their last breaths. And I’ve sometimes wondered… without children, who will look after me?

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  4. I’m with Mike, I never dreamed of being a Senior Citizen-LOL I remember vividly that I didn’t want to become an old person, like the 40-year-olds that I knew. The older we get the less we care about being right or wise or anything besides wanted. We just want to be involved in things, ours or someone elses LOL. I just wish I more time, I thought when I got to be this age I’d have all kinds of time on my hands, but the older I get the busier I get. Cher’ley

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    1. I myself, try to never let a moment pass me by. With work, and the duties of each day, life can sometimes keep us zooming, allowing us to forget about what really matters the most to us. I completely understand how life passes us by without us knowing it.


  5. Hello Darrah, I see you’re a poet on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. I’m also from Wyoming, and I live in Sheridan. Are you living on the reservation now? If so, I hope you can attend our next Wyoming Writers conference to be held the first weekend in June at the Wind River Hotel & Casino.

    You it the nail on the head with this post, by the way. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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    1. I do currently live on the reservation. I am definitely looking forward to attending the Wyoming Writer’s Conference this coming June. I will be paying the fee very soon to become a member of the group. Looking forward to keeping up with your work as well. Thank you very much.

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  6. Love this post! I’m really contemplating the aging process lately. I’m at that stage where I feel like I really like myself and can enjoy life, if I can only get up without my back and knee hurting so badly that I forgot why I got up in the first place.

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  7. Great post, Darrah! On the day of your post, I was having lunch with a friend from high school and college, and we were bemoaning our aging, with the health issues, aches, and pains, and also commenting on being wiser though we wish we were younger with such wisdom. Both of her parents are deceased as her older brother; my parents are still living, but are experiencing significant health issues, especially my father. There’s no halting the fact of aging but truly, as you said, living life as best we can and treating others with respect and compassion is true living indeed! Thanks for sharing your wise thoughts!

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  8. I enjoyed this Darrah. I remember wondering when in life I stopped getting excited to see a Frisbee thrown in a park, wondering if I could join. Consequences burn and hurt, but they also round out a full life.

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  9. It’s so true, when we’re young, we want to be older. Now that I’m older, I don’t wish to be in my 20s again – I feel I understand myself more now. Plus I can’t even imagine growing up now with technology moving ahead so quickly and everyone looking down at their cell phones all the time. It makes me almost nostalgic for my childhood which seems so simple by comparison. Thoughtful post with great photos, Darrah.

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  10. Thanks for sharing. While there are a number of things in life I would have been smarter to not due I wouldn’t change any of them. Even the bad decisions have helped me grow and learn as a person. The hardest part about being a little older and wiser is letting others younger than me make their own mistakes so they can learn from them as well.

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  11. Good post Darrah. My daughter and I just had this conversation. She recollected her childhood years and wished for them to come back, even though when was a little headstrong and wanted to do things her way. I, on the other hand, wished for youth. I still feel young at heart, but my body tells me differently. My daughter said “Don’t worry mom, I’ll take care of you.” What a wonderful daughter, but I don’t want to take advantage of that until I absolutely have to!

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