A Brown or White Christmas by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Abbie J. Taylor 010Author Abbie Johnson Taylor

Walking in snow and ice can be treacherous, even for people with good eyes. Needless to say, I don’t do much walking in winter, now that I’m older and more fearful of breaking bones. Since I enjoy walking, I’ve often wished our winters could be without snow and ice.

A couple of months ago while strolling on a beautiful fall day, I was thinking about this and came up with a little ditty to a familiar holiday tune which you can hear Bing Crosby sing at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGAosOoKFMs . I’ll paste the lyrics below and then a link to where you can hear me sing it with piano accompaniment.




I’m dreaming of a brown Christmas

so I don’t have to slip and slide.

Then I will be walking and won’t be talking

to folks, asking for a ride.


I’m dreaming of a brown Christmas

where snow and ice I will not fight.

Then I will be merry and bright.

In my heart, my Christmas will be white.



I must admit, though, that Christmas isn’t the same without snow. Where will you be this year? Do you think your Christmas will be brown or white?


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14 thoughts on “A Brown or White Christmas by Abbie Johnson Taylor

  1. It seems like we had more white Christmases when I was younger, but that may be my mind romanticizing things. I like snow in December. Then I’d just as soon go to Florida until it warms back up.

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  2. My thoughts are similar to Joe’s: white Christmas then fly south for the rest of the winter! However, a few years back I began singing “I’m dreaming of a cactus Christmas…” — we had received MEGA SNOW in early October, and by Christmas, I was ready to head to Arizona! Fun post, Abbie! Thanks for sharing your voice with us again!

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  3. I love a white Christmas, and I love a really heavy snow (when I am at home), I love to sled, build snowmen, make snow angels, and throw snowballs at my husband. You have such a lovely voice, thanks for sharing. Cher’ley

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  4. I love white Christmases too, but would like it to them be a brown Christmas the day after! The best of both worlds for me. Looks like our Christmas will be white in Wyoming this year. Thanks for the music! Love your poetic talent.

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  5. I was a “White Christmas” guy when I was young. Now that I’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis and I’ve already broken a hip, I’m with you, Abbie. Last year when I was at my sister’s during January and most of February, I was a nervous wreck — and not just because my dad was in the hospital teetering between life and death (Heaven won). Snow and ice covered the land, and a trip across any sidewalk, driveway and parking lot was an adventure. I decided that from now on I’m not going to Ohio to see relatives and friends until April at the earliest. Loved your “Brown Christmas” song.

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  6. I’ve never had a white Christmas living in Southern California most of my life. At least not one that I remember. It would be a refreshing change but I’m perfectly happy to have brown Christmases. Thanks for the wonderful song, Abbie.

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  7. I just might be singing your version of the famous song now, Abbie. I think we also used to have more white Christmases in my part of Scotland but that might be poor memory skills. Scottish weather is so dependent on what happens in the Atlantic so I’ll have to wait and see. I love when it’s white and very crispy but I’ve always been sensible about wearing suitable boots and shoes when out in it. My winter boots and shoes were NEVER trendy- always clumpy and warm and sensible.

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  8. We have a white Christmas forecast. I love the snow and look forward to a white Christmas, however, like you, I must be careful when outside. I’ve had too many falls and know I must take care. However, my little dog loves to be outside so I bought her little boots and a fur coat. We are now walking around the block every day (with my doctor’s permission) but I know that soon she’ll tell me no walking until spring.

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