Christmas Memories

This post by Jennifer Flaten


I love classic Christmas carols. Anytime I hear ‘It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas’ I am instantly transported back to my grandparents house.


At Christmas time we would bake cookies and listen to Christmas records. My grandparents had a small collection of Christmas records by Perry Como, Anne Murray, and Johnny Mathis, but my all time favorite was the ONE kid’s Christmas album they had ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town by the Peppermint Kandy Kids’.

I adored this record. It wove a story, with great voice actors, between all the songs. Every year, I would put it on and listen enthralled by the story. I was absolutely convinced that the voice I heard was indeed Santa Claus and I better be good or he wouldn’t bring me any presents.


Grandma would be puttering around making cookies or working on a crochet project and I would be sitting under the tree happily listening to the album and playing with the Christmas village. The village only had a few pieces, a church, two houses and the manager. It also had a few snow covered trees, a sleigh, a funny little elf and a couple other figures (along with Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus).


I really enjoyed  moving the village figures around and acting out little scenes. I especially liked  taking the little girl doll as skating her around the village “pond”, which was actually a little mirror.


What is one of your favorite Christmas memories?


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8 thoughts on “Christmas Memories

  1. We had a little wall-hung Christmas tree. It was flat, but it looked just like a small tree. When it was plugged in, the lights twinkled on and off. I don’t know why, but I used to love to sit and watch those lights with the rest of the house dark. It was just a peaceful thing to me.

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  2. Thanks for sharing those sweet memories of Christmastime at your grandma’s house. Like Joe, I loved to sit in the living room at night with the main lights off and look at the Christmas tree. My date for posting is December 20 and I will be sharing some of my memories as well as moaning the fact that as I grow older my memories become fuzzier.

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  3. Both my mum and my aunt used to have a little plastic ballerina fairy for the tree top (probably bought in Woolworths). They started out with lovely little tissue paper skirts but by something like year 3 of use, the one in my house was dingy- though not my aunt’s one. That was because both my mum and dad smoked and my aunt didn’t. Finding brand new and non-crinkled coloured tissue always seemed to be so hard to do when the next Christmas came around and my poor fairy often got a ‘hand me down’ cloth skirt replacement, padded out with some fabric stiffener. It got to be such a tradition making a new skirt that I got to love it by my teens, and though we could have replaced the fairies – it became unthinkable! In the 1950s our tree tended to be put up very close to Christmas – usually the weekend before when my dad was not at work. In those days the ‘fairy lights’ were always a major issue making sure the ‘electrics’ were still safe and that each bulb was working- the sets of lights back then were wired ‘in series’, so if one was broken the whole set was broken till a replacement bulb was replaced. LOL!


  4. My favorite Christmas memory is waiting for Santa to arrive. My dad always ended up working on Christmas eve because he was (at the time) the only person in the Michigan State Highway Department trained on the Snow Go, a huge snow removal machine that often went far from our house. Dad would call Santa early Christmas Eve and say “Hey Santa. I might have to work tonight and my kids might miss your arrival. I’d feel awfully bad if they didn’t get their gifts and catch a glimpse of you and your sleigh riding through the sky after you drop them off. I wonder, (and I know it’s a lot to ask) but do you think you could come to the Flory house first? You see, I have to move snow so other people can get to their families houses for Christmas morning. You will? That’s great. Thanks so much Santa!” He’d hang up the phone and have me take the younger children up to my room and read them the Christmas Story from the Bible while we waited for Santa. The lights were off and we used a flashlight to read so we didn’t miss Rudolph’s nose. I don’t know how we never saw Santa, though. We’d hear a ho,ho,ho (that sounded like my aunt, my dad or my mom) and we ran down the stairs to see what Santa had brought. What delightful memories! Thanks for this post Jennifer.


  5. Thanks for sharing your memories, Jennifer! I’d never heard that record, but I do have wonderful memories of sharing Christmas with my grandparents and all the cookies we made together. Great memories!


  6. My favorite Christmas memory is from when I was young and we would go out into the woods and Dad would cut down a Christmas Tree. On the way home we would take the scenic route and look at all the Christmas lights. Now I search plant nurseries and find a potted tree that gets planted in the yard just after Christmas. But I still enjoy riding around looking at the Christmas lights.


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