Time Out

 By S. J. Brown

It’s that time of year again. Shopping, wrapping gifts, traffic, decorations and more seem to consume our lives. Since everyone is soooo busy I thought I would make this blog a little short. As an author and wildlife photographer I add book signings, and presentations to the mix.

December Heron

Over the last few weeks I have been part of a few book signing events. The Berkeley Springs Book Festival is where I met a number of fun authors.  We talked, sold books and compared notes on marketing.  Just a week later I was on the road.  I was part of the Kingwood Tea & Treats with Authors.  I spent my day with another group of authors, talked about photographing wildlife and sold a few books.  The over 2 hour drive was worth the time.

This past weekend I hit the road again. This time I headed to New Jersey to help observe a 49 year old tradition started by my mother and a few of her close friends.  Although the evening of the event was very relaxing I had to do a lot of driving to be there for the Old Bags Christmas Party.  Even back then people knew the importance of just taking some time away from all the stress of the season.

The world is a much more hectic place now. So it is more important than ever to take a time out.  No, not the same type of time out we give the kids.  A time out to decompress, relax and just breathe.  For some that might mean a cup of coffee on the back deck watching the birds enjoy their day.

December Birdfeeder

For others it might mean just relaxing with a good book or a long walk.

December Walk

For me a few hours in the woods is just what I need to relax. There I can shed the cares of the day, forget about all the pressing issues that await me and spend some quality time with Mother Nature.

December Deer

What is your favorite way to take a time out? Have you taken one today?

Thank you for stopping by and make sure to take time out to so you can really enjoy the holidays.

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28 thoughts on “Time Out

  1. Mine is my quiet time every morning. I get up two hours before I have to go to work. I drink coffee, do my devotions, surf the web, and linger over a leisurely breakfast.

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  2. Right now my favorite time out is sitting on my back patio and looking out over the woods and the bay. My favorite Christmas timeout is driving around and looking at the decorative lights. Some neighborhoods go all out and put on marvelous displays. Christmas concerts, especially Messiah sings are also great. Our kids decided to cut back on presents this year and only give to the grandkids. That is a huge relief since we’re still in the throes of moving.


  3. I love my busy times, by myself or with people, but I also need those time outs, and with my husband retired now, they are usually late at night or 4 in the morning when the house is quiet and he’s asleep. I blogged about one of my “time-outs” when I wrote about my delightful drive last spring.

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  4. I like to take time out by reading a good book or listening to an interesting podcast in my recliner at the end of the day on on an occasional weekend when I have time. It’s too cold and snowy to retreat to nature.


  5. SJ, so glad you are selling a lot of books. I hope you come up this way some day. I sold 5 books at the book signing last week. Love your blog and photos. Calgon take me away. A long, long bath is my guilty pleasure or the hot tub. Walking, and swimming help me to relieve stress too. Cher’ley


  6. Brilliant news about the book signings, S.J. and meeting other authors. Time out sounds just fabulous. I have a lot of different stress just now, extended family health issues, so I’ve been doing physically creative things to de-stress!


  7. Sounds like a very productive time for you. It’s good you get to unwind the way you want when that time comes, like walks through nature. That’s so important, especially with the holidays. I like to read every night before bed, at least an hour or so.


  8. Old Bags? That’s worth further explanation. Lol. Sounds like you’re putting lots of miles on your vehicle. Being the wintertime, be careful when you drive long distances to these author events.


    1. I’ve done my last author event for the winter. I don’t plan many signings in the winter, I don’t like the cold. Yes, my car is a 2014 and it has 32000 miles on it. But that is why I have a car so I can drive it.

      I think the name “the Old Bags Christmas Party” says it all. This year 22 women came to the party each with their favorite snack, beverage and gift to exchange. No kids, no husbands, no boyfriends or significant others.


  9. Great post, SJ — we all need reminding to wind down, to relax and take a time out. I’m looking forward to mine starting later this week when my “day job” office closes and I have no immediate article deadlines. I’ve been enjoying time with friends the past few days, reconnecting over cups of coffee, and I look forward to “down time” at home during Christmas. I hope everyone enjoys some R&R in the coming days and weeks!


  10. Beautiful post S.J. Not many people realize that to be functional you must put back in what is lost during hectic times. If we all did that we’d feel much better. As usual, lovely photos. Thank you for sharing.


  11. Now days my favorite time-out is the beach. This week I have lots of time-outs, we are staying at a motel in Texas awaiting the arrival.of our next Great Grandson This makes 4 altogether 2 of each gender. Cher’ley


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