A Magical Evening

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If you are at all into horses or theater and a Cavalia show comes to your area, stop what you’re doing, hock your iPad, and get yourself to one of their performances. You’ll be in for an enchanting experience.

Recently my husband and I went to a performance of Odesseo, their second production, and fell in love with the group all over again. Cavalia provides a multi-media experience that combines horses, acrobats, music, wonderful costumes and spectacular sets to transport you to a magical world that demonstrates the deep connection between horses and humans. Its creator was one of the founders of Cirque du Soleil, and although there is no connection between the two companies, Cavalia has a similar feel.

We were blown away by their first show, A Magical Encounter Between Human and Horse. Expecting a circus type show with tricks and acrobatic riding, we were instead treated to a lyrical theatrical performance that demonstrated the type of connection between horses and people I’ve always considered ideal. A few years later we went to a revised edition and, while it wasn’t quite as enchanting, it was still wonderful.

The day after Thanksgiving we attended Odesseo and had an even more spectacular experience. Set under the largest big top in the world, it features a 17,500 square foot stage, the back of which rises to a three-story hill! Everyone’s jaw drops the first time the horses and riders come down it. The show opens with horses roaming free through a misty, shadowed forest. Fairies gradually join them and the magical journey begins. One of the most fun things is the many times horses work at liberty, showing a true connection with their humans. It’s obvious they are treated with respect and they enjoy their work. Acrobats, both aerial and on the ground, perform some amazing stunts, often interacting with the horses and riders.

Instead of trying to describe it, here’s a link to their trailer:


This link shows the horses on vacation between engagements:


And here are some photos:


I hope you get a chance to attend some time. You may fall in love too.



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26 thoughts on “A Magical Evening

  1. I fell in love with the video. We will go see one of these shows if we are ever stranded in CA, which happens often. Almost anytime we go there, it takes us a few days to get a load back out. Thanks for sharing. Cher’ley


  2. That sounds fabulous, Kate. I’ve not heard of them ( Cirque du Soleil, I have) but they’re definitely an experience to watch out for.


  3. I absolutely love Cavaila! I grinned when I read the beginning of your post as it made me fondly remember the time I unexpectedly went to a show. My next door neighbor left tickets under my doormat and texted me that something came up and she can’t attend the Cavalia show which was in a few hours. I had no idea what Cavalia was but wasn’t doing anything that day so thought why not? I called up a friend and we went. It was fantastic. Not only did we get free tickets to the show but they were VIP so we were treated to an outstanding buffet lunch/drinks. We had a backstage tour after the show where we got to meet the majestic horses. It was an unforgettable day. I highly recommend this show to anyone who loves animals and being astounded. You’re very lucky, Kate!


  4. This sounds absolutely wonderful. I love horses as do my two daughters and granddaghter. All the links worked for me so got to see them in action. Absolutely magical. thanks for sharing this! Send them to Wyoming!


    1. Definitely. We saw them in San Francisco and they go to San Diego in February. Mostly tour in North America, but do go overseas too. Given it takes 2 weeks to erect the tents and prepare everything, they don’t move quickly!


  5. Living in Vegas, I do know about Cirque du Soleil, although I’ve never actually been to a performance (although I’d like to go). I’d also love to go to a Cavaila; it indeed sounds magical. See… when a person reads Writing Wranglers & Warriors, he’s liable to learn something new.


  6. I had not heard of them either, but will certainly be on the lookout — sounds fabulous! Thanks for the information, Kate! So glad you enjoyed yourself — it’s nice to “get out” now and then and “get out of” ruts we often place ourselves into.


  7. I love horses. I wish we had one. We had a big work pony when I was a kid, it was almost as big as a horse. We loved him. My oldest brother had horses. Thanks for sharing Cher’ley


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