The Best of Intention is Always There by DARRAH J. PEREZ

photo 3 (1)  Time has a way of going so fast! IMG_20151227_131307   It has us saying, “My….it’s Christmas already, this year has gone by so fast!” The same for every holiday and occasion. Every year it is all the same. We plan to make more time for a new year for the things we enjoy so mucharts, crafts, writing, reading, photography, travelling, or maybe even just spending more quality time with loved ones. Or, maybe we plan to change our lifestylesdiet, exercise, our control over the power of addiction, whatever it may be. The best of intention is always there.

For those who time has gotten the better of and gave the experience of how fast it can actually tend to creep up on the unexpected, the learned behavior of planning ahead for any and all events within a person’s life has made them somewhat excellent timekeepers, planning in advance, buying gifts months and months earlier, planning vacations, trips, and even quality time for the love of family which is cherished so so much. Life tends to sometimes happen and plans at times tend to not happen the way planned, but when it is all said and done, the best intention is always there.

Life has that funny way of making us say, “It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.” We bite the bullet, and move on knowing that time can sometimes play us for a fool. In the blink of an eye, time has its way of changing if even in the slightest. It is my observation that time gets the best of us, because most of the world go about, los muertos vivientes (The living dead).

The joy within living is not there in so many lives. That good morning cheer is absent. That appreciation for another day on this earth is not appreciated. Many of us take life for granted. We are the living dead. Our lights inside ourselves are dimming out. It is idea to awaken, enjoy each moments, both the good and even the bad. Stop living like los muertos vivientes (The living dead), and allow that light within to shine brighter than it has even shone in time’s great space.

We do not live in these bodies forever. Like Author Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You.” Don't die with the music still in youWe all have a message. We all have something to teach others and finding the purpose for life, is understanding the need for time. Tomorrow is never promised, and it is time to live in the now, for time waits for no one, and time doesn’t stand still, not even for a second.

Today is a new day, a day for a fresh start! So why wait for a new year to make changes? Remember time is precious, and time will never be on our sides. But, the choice, the power of it, is all within the hands of the most eccentric timekeeper. The best of intention is all up to you, the one reading this, right now.Everything Will Be All Light

11401247_1443316855975729_7729702339075454781_n   Author Darrah J. Perez has two books, It Never Happened and also It Always Happens, both can be purchased on Amazon.




12 thoughts on “The Best of Intention is Always There by DARRAH J. PEREZ

  1. Lovely and thoughtful post, Darrah! I’ve not heard of that book — sounds like an inspiring read. Thanks for sharing about it and for reminding us all to live in the present, not the past or necessarily the future. Wishing you all the best in 2016!! Gayle

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  2. Darrah, I vote with Mike and Gayle. Your post is thoughtful and inspiring, and it appears at just the right time of the year. I like this: “So why wait for a new year to make changes?” Why, indeed, especially when the changes will make us happier, more joyful. Thanks for recommending the book.

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  3. Your post resounded with me as I have been reminding myself lately to not rehash and live in the past, especially any negative parts of the past, but reminding myself that I only have the present for sure, and to make it count. And I am with you on the “waiting” to give, share, etc. what’s in me, especially with my writing. There always seems to be something to stop the flow of finishing my book, (fear of course) but procrastination also. And what a shame if we “die with the music in us” still.

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  4. Great post, Darrah. I know i’m guilty of rehashing things in my head and thinking “if only I did this differently” or “I should have done this.” It’s such a time waster to think such things and only creates negative energy. I know this yet I keep doing it! Thank you for the reminder that we need to make positive use of our time because each moment of our lives is special.

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  5. I have started making changes. Glad you wrote this, because it lets me know that I am not the only one trying to catch up to time. It is not on our side. I never have enough of it. Cher’ley Grogg


  6. Nicely done. There is power in NOW and that is the starting point for everything to come. We do best when we make use of that gift. Here’s to your life of living NOW and bringing the music inside of you out for the rest of the world to see. Doris


  7. What an inspiring post. I’m reblogging it because I think my readers will enjoy it too. In introspect, I think we all have good intentions, but sometimes it only takes a small glitch to send us screaming back to our original place. For the first time in years I’ve made no New Year’s resolutions, but I am getting up every morning and repeating “Joy cometh in the morning”. It makes my day much brighter and everything around me is bearable. Because of that I am more calm. Accepting life as it is and not as you’d like it to be is hard to do – but we can. Have a wonderful 2016!


  8. I don’t share your deep faith, Darrah, but there are many instances where it’s very natural to say “It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.” The problem is, none of us actually know what the future holds, and yes, we do need to cherish the fine parts of our lives.


  9. You are so right, many of us just let time slip away. In 2015 I began to emerge from the chaos that became my life for a while and once again cherish the important things like family, friends, and time in the field. My plan for 2016 is to push problems aside and continue that trend.


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