Happy New Year!!

This post by Jennifer Flaten


Happy New Year!!


While I don’t make resolutions, I do spend some time reflecting on the past year.


After spending some time watching my own internal highlight reel, I have to say that aside from the kitten breaking his leg, the year was fairly good. As always there is room for improvement, but overall I am satisfied with my year.


There is one accomplishment that I am most proud of this year. It involves my jewelry business, Dragon and Butterfly Design, in order to grow my business I decided to do some in person selling at craft fairs. In fact, I did three craft fairs.


I am an introvert, so going being at a craft show and interacting with a steady stream of people is a huge deal for me. Even at my part time job I am not required to deal with people constantly. So, doing one craft fair, let alone three, is a huge deal. I won’t say that I enjoyed the shows–they were stressful–but afterward I did feel very glad that I’d done them. I even plan on doing a few more in the coming year.


What was your biggest accomplishment for 2015?



7 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. As a teacher, you wouldn’t think it, but I’m an introvert too, so going to the WV Book Festival was a bit of an accomplishment for me. But I think that, for me, the biggest accomplishment was my last book. It’s the piece of writing of which I’m most proud. My worry is that my next one will pale in comparison.


  2. Good for you. The best say to grow, get out of the comfort zone. I tell myself that all the time. Here’s to a ‘growing’ 2016. Doris


  3. Good question, Jennifer, and I’m not sure of the answer. Probably that I made the decision back in February to sign myself up for loads of Craft Fairs which I love doing. They can be stressful but I love the interaction with customers. Well done for overcoming your feelings, having a go and …contemplating more. Your jewellery will be much more talked about if potential customers can A) see it ‘live’ for themselves and B) meet the jeweller. Best wishes for 2016.

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