4 Names, 4 Words for 2016: Do You Have Yours Yet?

MOW BOOK LAUNCH 003 (3)Posted by Kathy Waller

I played one of those games on Facebook last night: “What Is Your Word for 2016?”

A friend had shared that her word was Happiness, and, although I don’t normally play those games because I don’t like to allow third parties access to my personal information, or that of my friends, I just had to have a word of my own.

My word for 2016 is Change.

“Your next year will be founded on change. New challenges will bring you much happiness!”

Happy Cactus
Happy Cactus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s the other reason I don’t normally play those games. Results don’t always match expectations. I’d been thinking about Happiness, Serenity, Wealth, Success, Peace, Humor, Luck, Bliss, Tranquility, Excellence, Honor, Beauty, Fame… words like that.

Change is different. More open-ended. Harder to pin down. Linked to words like challenge, which, in turn, is linked to energy. At present, I’m not brimming with energy. Even if new challenges are to bring me much happiness, I’ll need a nap before I’m ready to face them.

While obsessing about a year founded on change, I had an epiphany. To receive the 2016 word, all that’s  necessary is a name. I had entered Kathy. But I have other names. Loophole! I went back and entered Katherine.

Katherine’s word for 2016 is Wisdom. “You will have to make many tough decisions next year! Thanks to your great wisdom you will always make the right decisions!”

Katherine’s tough decisions made Kathy’s challenges look like nothing at all. Making the right decisions is good, but coming up against them in the first place is never pleasant. With one name left, I tried again.

Mary did better than Kathy and Katherine had. Mary’s word is Joy. “Your next year will be based on joy! You will enjoy many fun days with friends and family.” Much, much better.

Then I scrolled down to a second paragraph:

“This word will guide you through the year of 2016! It will support you in your daily struggles and situations that may appear hopeless. This word will always show you the silver lining so that you won’t ever need to worry. It was chosen for you specifically, embrace it!”

Lady wisdom (2)
Lady wisdom (2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Surveying earlier results, I discovered the same two sentences below Wisdom and Change.

So my words for 2016 are really daily struggles and situations that may appear hopeless. And not just my words–everyone’s.

To quote one of my students, ca. 1973, “What a rip!”

Still, we also get silver lining and you won’t ever need to worry. 

First, of course, we must follow instructions and embrace the words chosen for us specifically. In the case of Kathy, Katherine, and Mary, those words are, respectively, Change, Wisdom, and Joy.

It probably wouldn’t hurt to embrace Happiness, Serenity, Wealth, Success, Peace, Humor, Luck, Bliss, Tranquility, Excellence, Honor, Beauty, Fame… as well.

As one last test, I opened the game again and entered my fourth name.

Waller’s word for 2016 is Truth. Her next year will be based on honesty and genuineness. New hope will arise and make her very happy. And me, too.

Do you have a word for 2016? You don’t have to look on Facebook. Just choose one you like, embrace it, and look for the silver lining.

Wishing everyone a 2016 of Wisdom, Truth, Joy, and even–because although sometimes exhausting, it can also be a good thing–Change.


Mary Katherine (Kathy) Waller blogs at Telling the Truth, Mainly and at Austin Mystery Writers. Her short stories appear in Austin Mystery Writers’ crime fiction anthology Murder on Wheels and in Mysterical-E.

She suspects everyone’s personal information is already floating around in cyberspace, or she wouldn’t touch one of those FB games, no matter how many new words she needed.







26 thoughts on “4 Names, 4 Words for 2016: Do You Have Yours Yet?

  1. I would say my word is faith. Faith in myself and faith in God and faith that, even when things seem hopeless, things will turn out as they should, though not always as I like.

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    1. The second go-round, my four names got Happiness, Innovation, Truth, and Truth. I guess you could say the results are rather random. I’d like to know how many words they have in that database. 🙂


  2. Ah yes, the word for the year. We seemed to gravitate toward the need for focus. Words do that for us. Despite not doing resolutions until Spring, when my energy is better, I do think about my intent for 2016. Here’s to the focus to get us to where we desire to go.

    Thanks for the fun and encouraging post. Doris

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    1. Putting off resolutions until your energy is better seems wise. Perhaps I’ll pick up that thread when my energy increases–soon, I hope. I suspect my word for the year should be Focus, so thanks for mentioning it. And thanks for commenting.


  3. Hmm. If I had to chose a word for 2016 it would be focus or perseverance. I seem to be loosing focus super easily and in these past few months following through on things I want to accomplish has been tough too. Maybe Perservocus will be my word.

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  4. A word, eh? Well, a verb would be ‘write’. I have to ‘write’ this year — lots, lots, lots. I started thinking… what if the software program provided some really weird words — for example, instead of focus, blurry. Or instead of wisdom, offer up common sense. That would cause some confusion.


    1. Really weird words–what an opportunity for bloggers. An opportunity for programmers, too, to come up with a game with more pizzazz than the rest. I hope one of them will pick up on your idea. (I think Blurry was my 2015 word; I just didn’t know.) Thanks for commenting.


  5. I don’t play Facebook games either but I like the idea of choosing a word for the New Year. I think “accomplish” is fitting for me. I have plans and dreams I desire to accomplish this year and I hope to persist through the days weeks and months to do so! Great post Kathy!!


  6. Love this post. It was thought-provoking and fun. Those FB games are always time-wasters (although I admit I sometimes play them) but I love how you incorporated them into an introspective post. I choose the word “strength.” I want to summon the strength to accomplish all the things I want to accomplish while also finding the strength to face those hurdles that will surely pop up along the way. Thank you, Kathy!


    1. Thanks, Sarah. I agree about the games. In fact, I spend too much time on Facebook, logging on to check in on my groups, then finding so many other interesting posts… The hurdles that pop up can knock us off track, can’t they? I believe acknowledging they do happen, a you’ve done, is the key to surmounting them. Thanks for your comment.


  7. Lovely post Kathy. I seldom play the games on Facebook either, but I do confess to having checked out a few. It’s funny that you actually mentioned my word for 2016 in your post and I knew nothing about the game! Although my word should be de-procrastination (is that a word)? I decided on Joy. For me, after a difficult year, Joy seems to fit, for if I am joyful everything else falls into place.


  8. I think my word would be ‘patience’. For many reasons, I’m going to need a lot of patience in the coming year- i think. I’ve done these FB ‘games’ before but am now wary of them and like you say, it seems that the answers are a ‘one thing fits all’.


    1. Patience–I used to think I was patient but in the past few years have discovered that’s the last thing I am. Since I acquired a husband, he reads all the instruction for nearly device I buy. Which I guess means I’m lazy. As for the games–my color, my 2016 angel, who I was in a past life–yeah, right. Thanks for commenting.


  9. Interesting, Mine would probably be Challenge, because I don’t want any challenges for 2016. I just want to coast through, for a change. Do some rhings I haven’t done like in forever-painting, music, dancing. But I am my worse enemy, I always schedule way more than I should. Cher’ley


    1. Painting, music, dancing–that would make a wonderful year. I would choose music. I’m the opposite–well, I love writing things on calendars, but referring to them later is a challenge. I’m putting stars on a calendar for each day I write, however. Have a wonderful 2016–do everything that makes you happy. Thanks for commenting.


    1. I wish I’d thought of Smile. Could that be the foundation for all the other words? Smiling makes us feel better, makes the people we smile at feel better, they smile at other people, who smile at others…. The better we feel, the more likely we’ll be able to achieve what we set out to do. Thanks for the idea and the comment. Have a smiling 2016.


  10. I saw some of those posts but didn’t use the app to find a word for me. I’m not a fan of change though I know it’s needed. I’ve already started implementing my word for the year. Positivity. I’m more positive at work, making me more approachable, happier. I’m more positive when it comes to my writing. This year will be the year I release a novel.


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