Arizona Brain


By Neva Bodin

Well folks, it just dawned (even though it is getting closer to sunset) on me that today is Saturday already. I was soaking up some sun finally on a patio in Arizona and mentioned a blog. Lightbulb!

We have been drenched with rain for five days, although that is better than snow. And the desert needs the rain as usual.

For entertainment we have visited an àeronautical museum,  music instrument museum, Chuck wagon super and show àt original Mesa ranch, and visited friends and at my çousins place right now.

Quail strut and call from a metal fence top, coyotes howl at night and rain has been knocking on the roof of our camper a lot. But sunshine promised tomorrow. So tomorrow we hope to take our ATVS on a ride through some desert terrain. All this with city everywhere.

I’m finished with editing our hospice newsletter as of yesterday–thank goodness for email. I forgot the thick textbook for the nurse aide class I àm teaching so must relax.

So more to çome with pics next time.

It was 5 below  the morning we left Casper and 25 below at a place called Devil’s Gate, so I think Hell finally froze over. So while it’s  cool here, it’s  at least above zero.

Till next time…


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17 Responses to Arizona Brain

  1. Glad you’re staying warm and having fun.


  2. Wranglers says:

    Warmer than Wyoming but still pretty cool here, down in upper 30’s some nights. Hope it warms up tomorrow though. Thanks Abbie. Neva


  3. Mike Staton says:

    Sounds lie you’re having a delightful vacation in Arizona. Get any rain? It’s been a bit on the cold side at night in Vegas Valley. High 30s.


    • Wranglers says:

      We had sun the first couple days and rain, rain, rain the past 5. And cold. We hauled our four-wheelers down here, (my brother-in-law came from ND) and maybe we’ll get to go on a trail tomorrow! The first few days to say, well, it’s above zero with no snow worked, then that became old. Thanks goodness we have some friends and relatives to spend some indoor time with also. Neva


  4. Wranglers says:

    AZ, unless you’re up around Flag, shoukd be much warmer than WY. Sounds like a lot of fun. Anxiously waiting the photos. Cher’ley


    • Wranglers says:

      Thanks Cherley, it is cool,in 30’s at night and 40-50 in daytime with lots of rain. But hopefully sun and warmer tomorrow. We only stay until Friday so really wanting that nice weather. Visited some museums though and played dominoes in camper a lot. Neva


  5. Doris says:

    Ah, the beautiful Southwest. Rain can spoil a good time, but with creativity, not much. Relax, all that needs to be done will get done. Enjoy. Doris


    • Wranglers says:

      Thanks Doris. Trying to relax but not easy for me, especially with two men to attend to also. Have done some fun things however and visited good friends and relatives, so all is not lost! My brother-in-law joined us from ND this year also. Neva


  6. Happy that you and hubby got down there and that you’re enjoying new adventures and great friends and family. You are doing what I hope to one day — spend some winter months in the lovely SW — I could just hear those quail and coyotes! Thanks for filling us in on some of your treks and safe travels back, my friend!


    • Wranglers says:

      Thanks Gayle. I did visit two beloved cousins yesterday, great friends last week and today, with a couple more encounters at least planned. We also visited the music instrument museum and the aeronautical museum and Organ Stop Pizza. And visited with another couple from Casper who live across the street from my cousin. Small world. See you soon. Neva


  7. S J Brown says:

    Hope the promised sunshine arrived for you. You are always on the go, thanks for keeping us updated.


  8. Nancy Jardine says:

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday. It’s really good that you’re able to touch base with relatives and friends. Anywhere that has sun sounds great to me. Just having had severe flooding in our area (though i’m not personally affected, apart from having no electricity for 12 hours) I’m happy to have cold days that have at least a little touch of blue showing through at times. 🙂 Your work can wait for a bit longer…


  9. Have a great holiday. I miss Arizona. My best friend lives in Phoenix and I can’t wait to go visit her again one of these days.

    Rain is much better than snow. We’re getting the white stuff this week.


  10. Reading this makes me look forward to going to Phoenix for LCC next month as well as visiting my best friend. Hope you’re having a great time!


  11. Travis says:

    Sounds like you’re making the most of AZ. Have fun!


  12. Getting out and enjoying the entertainment is awesome when travelling. ATV’s through the desert sound like a whole lot of fun. Great emotions come to me when others are happy and are enjoying themselves. Thank you for sharing this blog post!


  13. Joe Stephens says:

    Sounds like you had fun. Hope the sun came out so you could enjoy that ride!


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