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When the girls were ready to start school, I was a little concerned about getting three kids out the door to school without a hassle. I decided that a great way to keep us all on track was to set an alarm on my phone. When the alarm rang we had to be in the car and on our way to school.


It works like a charm. No one argues with the alarm. In fact, it works so well, that I use them for myself too. I set an alarm for when I have to leave work to pick up the kids. And, I even and even for when I have to leave my house to get the kids–that’s right, no matter how good the book is when the alarm rings I have to put it down and get in the car.


It’s not that I think I would ever forget to retrieve them, but I like the comfort of having a reminder.


Every time I upgrade my phone, I switch over those alarms. The times and days might have changed, but the fact remains when the alarm rings we (or I) need to leave. Why the dog even heads towards the door when she hears the alarm ring.


Not only does the alarm help keep my mornings with the kids smooth, but it keeps me from staying at work too long. That alarm rings and I am out the door. Everyone in the office knows that if they are talking to me and it rings, it is time to wind the conversation up.


Sometimes, if I am trapped in an overly long meeting or phone call I’ve been tempted to make it ring so I can exclaim “Geez, look at the time I’ve got to run.”


The only bad part is if I forget to turn the morning alarms off during holidays!


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  1. Oh my, my alarm just went off. Sorry, can’t talk now. Have to go buy bread. Hey, I’m kidding. I was thinking… with those alarms you could never have a “Home Alone” experience.


  2. Sounds like you have a good plan for you. I love it when I don’t have to set an alarm after so many years of needing one while working at a steady job. And soon I will be teaching a CNA training monday through thursday for 3 weeks and I am dreading that morning alarm I’ll need.


  3. I really should try this, Jennifer, because I need to keep on track when I have my precious writing time. !0 minutes on Facebook? Think that’s enough? LOL 😉


  4. Nice post Jennifer. I have just learned that if I set an alarm, the alarm takes precedence over everything else. Makes it much easier for me to get up in the middle of something if I hear it ringing. I use it for many reminders. My phone is invaluable!


  5. Good idea. I use the timer on the kitchen stove to remind me of several things on a daily basis. It isn’t portable but I can hear it from my office and also when I am in the living room or kitchen.


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