A Wearer of Many Hats by Darrah J. Perez

photo 1 (14) Blog Post by Darrah J. Perez

Throughout my life I have done things to the best of my ability, with a mentor once telling me, “If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time.”

It wasn’t something that stuck right off the bat, it took much practice, learning from doing something half done and then having to go back and do it again. I did this over and over, until, I finally began understanding what my mentor meant, ‘If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time’.

I began realizing that by putting my all into my work and making it well worth it, it more than paid off for me in the long run. It was as if the concrete foundation was set to last forever, of course in a positive sense.

I learned that hard work was recognized, and it brought with it a good reputation.

Through experience, I also learned, not everyone liked doing it right the first time or putting in the hard work; especially lazy people. But, just like people don’t like change, they also don’t like to look bad, which is never my intention. I just have learned that by doing something right the first time, with the best of my ability, saves me not only time, but saves me negative thoughts, and keeps me looking forward to feeling accomplished.

I can’t help that I like success!


When I became a published Author with my first book, IT NEVER HAPPENED, I discovered the true meaning of a wearer of many hats. I had to play not only the writer, but the salesman, and the public relations specialist as well. Taking on the many roles of an Author and Poet, doing public speaking events, engaging with different groups of people, and remaining in a positive spotlight, all came with the title: A Wearer of Many Hats.

Today, I am proud and thankful for the lessons learned along the way of becoming who I am, and for following the lessons to a greater challenge, the outcome being, to make it to the top of the pyramid in complete stardom.

However and whenever it happens, I am here, forever learning, listening, and waiting for my hard work to payoff.

I am a believer. I know it is guaranteed. And, I have the faith that it is yet to become.

A wearer of many hats is a great title to have. Believe me, I speak through experience and life lessons, ones to never bring regret.

I AM Author Darrah J. Perez and this is my blog speaking to the dedicated and hardworking. Also to the not so hardworking…..THE CHOICE IS YOURS, YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITIES!

Budding flower


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I AM Darrah J. Perez, Author & Poet, book reviews are more than welcome.


10 thoughts on “A Wearer of Many Hats by Darrah J. Perez

  1. Ah, yes. You are correct, doing the best you can always seems to be the best course. The wearing of many hats, tough, but doable. Here’s to many years of success at wearing those hats. Doris

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  2. I used to wear many hats. I was once a registered music therapist working in a nursing home. Then I became a writer and a family caregiver. Now, I’m just a writer and occasionally a performer. Good luck with your book.


  3. LIfe often forces us to wear many hats, sometimes ones we don’t want, sometimes ones we put on and probably shouldn’t. And the ones we should wear. But all of them require effort to wear correctly. I wish you continued success in wearing your hats! And enjoyment in wearing them!


  4. Darrah- like you, I feel I wear many hats just now and totally love the phrase! So much, I might just use it in a forthcoming author lunch engagement that I have coming up the weekend after next. 😉 I definitely say ‘Go for it’ and do the best you can. When I was a practising primary teacher (11-12 year olds) I had a sign on my classroom wall every year. which read –
    ” Good, better, best
    Never let it rest
    Until your best is better
    And your better is best.”


  5. My Mom taught me to do it right the first time. One time she had me to peel my peelings, when I’d left too much potatoe on the rind. Another time I didn’t do the dishes very well, she pulled all the dishes or of the cabinets and had me rewash them all. I learned to do things right the first time. My dad said, “Anything worth doing is worth doing right.” Cher’ley


  6. It’s important to be able to do many things well when you’re a writer. There’s writing of course, but you have to be able to promote yourself, speak articulately to crowds of people, and be entertaining. It pushes many of us out of our comfort zone but I think in the long run, it’s extremely rewarding and beneficial. Good luck with your book, Darrah.


  7. Yep, writers aren’t just writers! Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with all that we need to do to write and to market and to learn. I’m still trying to time-manage all that after many years of writing and being an author. Wishing us all the ability and opportunity to wear many hats! Great post, Darrah!


  8. I sometimes struggle with balancing my life as a full-time teacher with that of a writer. That’s getting even trickier now that I’m writing regularly for a publication. Until that happened, it was just writing novels and a weekly blog–plus this site, but that’s just a couple times a month. So I’ve had to really cut back on my TV, which is definitely a good thing anyway.


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