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Today was a tough day at work. I’ll spare you the gory details, but in a nutshell we were doing our year end entries. In theory, it should be a 15 min operation, but in reality it stretched to hours.

Ahhh, year end when you find out a transaction you made at the beginning of the year, was wrong. Not only that but how you approached a situation was wrong. Basically, everything I touched was wrong!

Okay, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but only a slight one. The day was so bad, my boss sent me home with instructions to have an ice cream cone.DSC_0868 As far as he is concerned an ice cream cone would make everything better.

I am not really an ice cream makes everything better person, but I will admit it did sound awfully tempting after the morning I had.

While I didn’t have ice cream, I did share two mini donuts with the dog when I got home, that made me feel slightly better.

Do you have a sure fire cure for “one of those days”? Here’s to hoping next week isn’t quite as bad.

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  1. Jennifer, this is one of the most delightful posts I’ve ever read. You must have a wonderful boss. I hope the mini donuts made things better–I’m sure the dog thinks they did–and that the problem has been or soon will be straightened out. I don’t think ice cream relieves all our woes, but I do remember an exercise guru on TV a long time ago say that ice cream is therapeutic.

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  2. So sorry about the day! I have had days like that and let them affect me way more than they should, and look back on them months later and wonder why I agonized. I agree with Kathy, the dog definitely felt the benefit with the donuts. Hopefully your spirit did too. I like your boss, and I admire your work ethic, but unfortunately, no one can be perfect here on earth, we just like to think so. Wishing you a better day tomorrow! And sympathy for today.

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  3. I like the mini-doughnuts as a cure-all for a screwed-up day. I’d take it one better… a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts and several chocolate-covered ones with a fruity interior. Nothing like a sugar overdose to chase away a horrible day.


  4. I wouldn’t reach for the ice-cream either but i would roam the house in search of a piece of Scottish tablet. Pure sugar and very bad for you- I know. I hope your next week is a good one.


  5. Pizza. Specifically, Pizza Place pizza, which is the best pizza east of Chicago. It’s that pizza the everyone who moves away from Parkersburg has to have when they come back, even for a short visit. And it cures all ills. Even nausea.


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