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I didn’t have to work today. What to do with all that glorious extra time? I did have errands, and I most certainly could use the time to catch up on housework, or laundry. Why I could even get a head start on some work.

Or, I could do the most decadent, luxurious thing imagtaller de ilustracion digital - 428inable. I could sit, in the sunlight reading a book.

Really, we all know the right choice. That’s right I sat down and read.

Now this wasn’t casual reading, oh no. This isn’t skimming some fluff piece on the web or browsing the latest magazine.

This was hardcore sit down and ignore everything else reading. I picked up my book at 9:30, unsure if I would like it. By 10:15 I was completely sucked in.

At noon, I vaguely considered stopping reading and doing something else. I immediately dismissed this idea and went back to reading. The cats and dog snoozed away companionably in the sun. No sound except the riffle of pages turning (oh and on cat has the sniffles, so there was a slight wheezing sound).

At 1:45p I was done with my book and I felt great. Better than a day at the spa, better than massage, a day of reading!

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  1. Good for you. I know a day at the spa wouldn’t help me much. Much better reading a book. Right now it’d be a Civil War novel or nonfiction since I am focused on outlining my own Civil War novel.


  2. That is a great tribute to the joys of reading, Jennifer! I’m glad you had daytime uninterrupted reading. At the moment with lots of ‘grandma duties’ I’ve sort of forgotten what that’s like, but IT WILL RETURN! Heaven. Sigh. (i love my grandkids but concentrating for more than a page is zilch) 😉


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