Baby It’s Cold Outside

This post by Jennifer Flaten

Today after dropping the kids off at school, I decided that since I was already all bundled up for the cold I should fill the bird feeders.

I figured I would take Ginger along. I mean she’s a dog, why wouldn’t she like the opportunity to snuffle around the yard.

Well, she wouldn’t like it because it’s cold out, and we had to walk on the snow.

Ginger will never take part inIMG_20150331_163854 an Iditarod, I mean besides being rather too short to pull a sled she really, really, I mean really, hates to be cold.

Part of it is that she is a short coated dog, but for the rest I blame the kids. They baby her. Especially, my oldest. If she sees Ginger snoozing on the sofa au natural, she will wrap her in blankets. And, let me tell you Ginger doesn’t shrug the blankets off or protest in any other way. In fact, she gets a rather contented look in her eye.

Often on Saturdays, I will go looking for the dog, only to find her snuggled under the covers with kid. So, really it is no surprise the dog was less than thrilled to trudge through the snow.

It was like walking with a recalcitrant toddler. She was shuffling her feet (you could practically hear her complaining about her cold paws) and shooting me dirty looks the entire time we were outside. I feel this might be a small retaliation for me always encouraging her to hurry up when we go outside for her potty breaks.

When I finished filling the feeders and announced it was time to go in she instantly perked up and raced for the house. Once inside she immediately hopped on the sofa, which was-surprise, surprise-located in the sunniest part of the house.

She spent the remainder of the morning toasting in the sun.

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10 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. I don’t blame her one bit if it’s as cold where you are as it is where I am. I don’t want to be out in it when I’m wearing several layers. I’m ready for spring.


  2. You’re having a fun day, Jennifer. I’m reading this before I’m about to venture out later this afternoon. It was snowing earlier but just a tiny flurry and now it’s mostly just damp, grey and bitingly windy. Unfortunately, I’m a bit like ginger- not too keen to brave the cold although I’m going out for a great reason which will be revealed on my blog tomorrow. So, I’ll just get bundled up and zip the lip into a lovely smile.


  3. Ginger acts like any human would without booties on sent out into the snow. Lol. I thought you were going to say that when Ginger raced into the house and jumped on the couch, she left snow on it, which melted and left it wet.


  4. I had to laugh when I read this. Recently we had 3 feet of snow here. My hubby shoveled a path for the dog, but she wasn’t happy. After several days we decided to break down and make her a path around the entire back yard. Our dog Val is a creature of habit. Her morning routine has always been to walk the yard. With 3 feet of snow she couldn’t do that. So Hubby and Val headed outside and he began making her a path around the yard. She walked along behind him wagging her tail( for about 2 minutes). He got all the way to the back fence turned around and the dog was gone. She was inside with me curled up on the couch.


  5. Love the post Jennifer! Hubby wraps our little shih-tsu in blankets all the time and she’s become rather used to it. She does love to be out doors, but she insists on being bundled up. She’ll even let you carry her if you’d like! lol


  6. I can’t blame Ginger a bit — I’m a less-than-happy camper with cold, snowy weather, too. Maybe doggie booties and a sweater will help her be more accepting — or keep her wrapped in the blanket; she just might think that’s the cats-meow! 🙂


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