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When we were planning our move four years ago, it was stressful, but I thought I was handling it okay. Until, I wasn’t. I had a horrible anxiety attack that led to a trip to the ER. I seriously thought I was dying.11-7E59C4AD-244617-960

At the ER I had a kind, cautious dr who sent me for a variety of tests to make sure I wasn’t having a heart attack–as they do present differently in women. It was just stress.

Now I try to be more mindful during stressful times, since it is impossible to avoid all stress. Sure, you can eliminate some stress, you know the ‘don’t sweat the little things’ stuff. But, the big items job (or lack of) stress, money stress and sometimes family stress—I have three teen (or almost teenagers can you tell).

As you know I like walking, which I find is a great stress reducer, so is my knitting. That is unless I find out I made an egregious error 7 11-000E5553-873961-960rows back and have to rip it out. Playing with my animals is always a great way to feel less stressful. How can you possibly feel anything but relaxed after hanging around with this guy.

So what do you do to alleviate stress?

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11 thoughts on “Stress

  1. Pet therapy and exercise are two of the best stress relievers, and science and studies show this. I think drinking wine helps a lot, too! Here’s to a less-stressed day for all of us!


  2. I agree with Gayle. A dog or cat in the lap is a great stress reducer. A few years back, to get my mind off something serious, I’d play a few games of minelayer or hearts on the computer.


  3. Oilpainting or reading, sitting by myself in a beautiful spot outside (not easy anymore living in town) and talking to my friends on the phone relieve stress. Also sometimes a good nap. But petting a cat is suppose to rank high on the stress reliever list.


  4. I don’t have pets but I do have my granddaughter and grandson. While they generate some high degree of stress, at times, their humorous antics and their expressions are often a huge stress release. Child logic can be such a leveller!


  5. Art Journaling, Meditation, Prayer, Walking, Reading, Sewing, Knitting or Crocheting, Jewelry-making, Playing Solitaire on the computer, Playing Scrabble on the computer. I have too many to list. I’m in Day Treatment right now and one of our classes is on releiving Stress. Good post Jennifer.


  6. Stress is a killer and you’re right, hard to avoid sometimes in day to day living. I recently just had my first big scare with my first anxiety\stress related trip to the ER. I for sure thought I too was dying. A scary thing that has brought me closer to the appreciation of life.
    I am thankful you shared this blog, it has helped me reflect back on knowing I am not alone in this sometimes stressful journey.


  7. The first time I had an anxiety attack I thought I was dying. It’s a scary feeling.

    Glad your trip to the ER found it wasn’t anything more serious.

    I cuddle my cats to relieve stress. Walking is good too. Watching my favourite show.


  8. We are a little over 2 years into our new house. The first year was a complete nightmare. Slowly things have settled down. I handle work stress by leaving the job at work. Yes it has taken several years to get to this point. At home I retreat to my office in the winter. Of course taking a road trip is my ultimate stress reliever. It can be a few hour trip or a few days either one works for me.


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