A Transformation like the Butterfly by Darrah J. Perez

Author & Poet Introduction of bookWhen this journey of becoming an Author started, I had no idea what was in store for me. Over a period of under one year, a lot has been accomplished. To date I’ve had two books published. There have been many great connections with people who love art, poetry, and artistic creations from many genres. Oh yeah, I also have my first motion poem available upon YouTube, it is called Grandfather Bless me with Unity.


It is my biggest hope to give back to the art community by including the work of artists from all genres. The musicians, the singers, the dancers, the potters, the jewelry makers, the painters, the sketch artists, the rappers, the spoken word artists, the authors, the poets, all are welcome.

It has always been defined by me, that I have no problem sharing the spotlight with others. I do what I do to see others also become successful and in doing so, I make the happiness spread like wildfire upon the many faces of the Creator’s miraculous art.

My second book was just released upon Amazon. It speaks of many things that always happen in life, the many things that we don’t always pay attention too, such as Karma, Wiping hate from Existence, and also how we as people transform just as the butterfly does through metamorphosis. My books are very powerful, they come from the core of the heart, using the muse that surrounds us, with words that were written to offer healing to many lives.

The things that make me different in this industry is that I am not in this for fame, or fortune. Oh yes, it would be nice. But, with my belief that tomorrow is never promised, I have the deepest desire to help as many people along my journey as I can.

A phrase stated by other Authors, “We are spirits having a human experience.” In my opinion it is very true. The spirit life doesn’t end, and where we go from here, determines on how we have treated others in this life, and how we put ourselves out there to guide others in making right choices, and helping in becoming better at who they are.

It is understood that not everyone is spiritual, some are more religious, and some just stay out of the whole limelight. I tend to try to see reason in all forms of belief, analyzing, why people do what they do. Is it because of FEAR? Is it because of UPBRINGING? Or, is it because of through their very own personal life experiences that they have come to discover that there are forces way more powerful than what we tend to see?

Feelings are strong, and the intuition of what life is all about, our life purpose, it is destined for us to discover. This life is not just to live and die. This life is to be successful, leave a mark, make everyone remember who we were as people, and how we learned along the journey in becoming amazing.

We will join our ancestors one day, and do exactly what it is they do, help guide our loved ones into better choice making. It shouldn’t be about heaven or hell, it should be about making the right decisions. Going with the positive flow, we shall end up exactly where we are meant to be.






I AM, Darrah J. Perez, Author of IT NEVER HAPPENED, & IT ALWAYS HAPPENS. “When we start seeing life for what it is, the blessings start to come to us even greater.”


19 thoughts on “A Transformation like the Butterfly by Darrah J. Perez

  1. I enjoyed your poetry reading with musical accompaniment. I hope you’ll come to the Wyoming Writers conference in Riverton at the Wind River Hotel and Casino. Author Joseph Marshall is definitely a shoe-in for keynote speaker and will give workshops on fiction. We may even have an Indian blessing to start the event. I think for you, this will be a beneficial weekend.

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  2. Reblogged this on L.LEANDER BOOKS and commented:
    I’d like to share with you a lovely post on Writing Wranglers and Warriors by author Darrah Perez. Not only is her post touching and heartwarming, she shares her grandfather’s native poetry with us via a YouTube video. You’ll definitely want to check this out. Enjoy!


  3. This is lovely, Darrah. Your feelings of acceptance for all artists shines through your words. Thank you so much for sharing your grandfather’s poetry. I am touched after watching it. Good luck with your writing. I’ve reblogged your post – I really want my readers to enjoy it as much as I did!


  4. Lovely post, Darrah. Whatever awaits at the end of this life is seen by many in very different ways whether they are spiritual or not, but I heartily agree that making good choices in this life is very important. One thing for sure is that, if alive today, we are sharing our planet and good choices (perhaps even much better choices) during our use of it are essential.


  5. Sharing and helping others will build a following that money simply can’t buy. I do what I do to share my love of nature. I have met some great people, introduced students of all ages to wildlife and hopefully inspired others to pursue their dreams.


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