An unhappy Ground Hog by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Abbie J. Taylor 010Author Abbie Johnson Taylor

I know it’s a little late, but something I heard earlier this month inspired me to write the following poem. Apparently, the group in Pennsylvania that organizes the Ground Hog Day activities creates the forecast, no matter what the ground hog does. Click this link to hear me read the poem. You can learn more about Ground Hog Day here.


Punxsutawney Phil’s Lament


I saw my shadow today,

they said we’ll have an early spring,

not true.

Why do I even bother?

The speeches, entertainment, give me a headache.

They don’t like my forecast.

Next year, I won’t even show my face.

Then what will they say?



How would you feel if you were a ground hog who came out of his hole, and nobody paid attention to you?


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12 thoughts on “An unhappy Ground Hog by Abbie Johnson Taylor

  1. Delightful poem, Abbie. In some ways, your groundhog is like many writers — I sometimes feel like nobody listens to/reads my books, so why bother writing any more? But, then, the ideas keep coming and so I keep writing — maybe that’s the way Phil feels: he has a job to do, whether anybody listens or not! Thanks for sharing your creative writing and thoughts with us! (by the way, I wonder if Phil likes getting all dressed up or if he just wants to wear his own coat??!) 🙂

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  2. Ya! – Abbie! That’s about the extent of my German for Groundhog Day. 😉 The ‘old wives tales’ about the coming weather are just not listened to any more. Here in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, the old farming folk had many a prediction about the coming spring according to what happened around them, but I just don’t think nature is making it easy any more for these predictions to come true. At present it’s not the end of February and we’ve had virtually no winter in my part of Aberdeenshire ( though the mountains are different). But I’ve now got birds in the garden who would normally not appear till April. We don’t have groundhogs here but I’m thinking they’d be groaning and totally confused if we did have them- and people still wouldn’t be listening to them!

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  3. I can empathize with the ground hog. (And you did a good job of getting us in the fellow’s head.) Folks often don’t listen to my advice. I was saying something to Sharon last night, and one minute into my political rant, she looks up from her IPhone and says, “What? I wasn’t listening.” See?


  4. I am not a fan of this ritual. Basically if the sun is shining the groundhog will see his shadow. Truly wild critters are a better indicator of when spring will arrive. I am happy to say we have Robins running in the yard and Starlings at the bird feeders, so Spring IS ON THE WAY.

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    1. I’m also noticing signs of spring here in Wyoming. Unfortunately, we could get a blizzard in the middle of March, and if things are blooming, they could freeze and die. There’s nothing I can do about it so won’t worry.


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