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Mother Nature is teasing us. On Monday we had a high of 71 degrees here. 71! In March. Needless, to say we broke a bunch of weather records and a lot of hearts are going to be broken when the temperature returns to its normal March range.

Even knowing that it is fleeting, that snow could be lurking just around the corner. I got the urge to go outside and plant something. In fact, I had to go to Wal-mart and in front of the store was the delivery truck from the local nursery. For a moment, I considered hijacking it and taking all the plants to my house. Then I regained my senses and was a little concerned about whether they should be getting a delivery of plants in March.


Poor little flowers will need sweaters by the end of the week.

Speaking of plants, I know some gardeners are meticulous. Writing neat little plant markers, sketching out their garden before planting, keeping detailed records.

That is not me.

I wish it was as I am often poking at a plant wondering what it is and if I planted it or it is a weed. I hate to accidentally yank out a “good” plant thinking it is a weed.

Google image search is one of my favorite ways to identify plants. Think of it as mug shots for weeds. I scroll through the pictures muttering “is that they guy” “nope, that’s not the guy who mugged my clematis” etc.

I know there are a couple of apps in development that aim to help you snap a pic and identify a plant. Right now those apps aren’t available for North America.

Are you a meticulous gardener or a better Google it and make sure it’s not a weed gardener?

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  1. I try to label everything, but the first weeding or rain storm does my labels in, so then I end up Googling. Wish I knew how to create an app, I’d create one you could snap a photo of. Cher’ley


  2. If it needs care, I can grow it. I was not even allowed in the garden as a child. According to my mother, I pulled the plants and kept the weeds. Should have learned from that. Still, I love flowers and enjoy seeing the ‘well-kept’ garden. Doris


  3. I love gardening, but no land to do it where we now live. Love the picture of the aster? We get to see some beautiful mountain flowers when we have our annual family camping trip. Bet your garden is gorgeous.


  4. If it’s green I can’t grow it, but my husband does an amazing job, so all is well. We both like the mussed up look of wildflowers mixed together, so that’s mainly what we grow now, both at the house and campground. We do plant a few plants in pots for the deck. We’re getting excited to get at the planting – coming soon!


  5. I’m also concerned about spring coming early. Here in Florida where I’m vacationing at the moment, it’s about 70 degrees which is normal for this area. Yesterday, I heard a Wyoming forcast that said it was in the 50’s which is a bit above normal. If anythings’s starting to bloom, it’ll die when we get a blizzard in the middle of March. The snow pack in the mountains is low which also isn’t good. It’ll be interesting to see what develops.


  6. Jennifer- I try to leave things till I’m sure they ARE a weed but the urge is there to yank out what I know later is a perfectly good plant. Our winter hasn’t really come this year, though we did have a wee cover of snow and hard frosts last week, but only for a couple of days. All nature is confused outside my door because of the see sawing temperatures. I also rad about that plant identifying app and think it will be a great thing! Happy planting.


  7. I can’t grow anything. About the weather. The last few days in Vegas the temps have been in the mid to high 70s. Nice weather for walks. A front, though, came through yesterday. Lots of wind, a chance of rain (I don’t think it actually did rain in the valley). Took a walk at 11 p.m. Fierce, chilly wind. Cut it short.


  8. Love your humor, Jennifer! I gave up gardening long ago — I have a brown thumb and no patience, so I simply admire my neighbors lovely flowers, veggies, and landscapes and try to not let the Devil of Jealousy take root, so to speak. We are also having a very early spring, but winter is returning this week. It is March in the Rockies, after all. Best to you when you do get to plant this year!


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