Letting Go

IMGP6507By S. J. Brown

I’ve let go of many things over the past few years. I let go of our old victorian home after over 20 years. During our move and the challenging months that followed I let go of a multitude of things, furniture, clothes, nic nacs and so much more.

1 Victorian

I let go of my 1965 chevy station wagon, and the car I replaced it with.

2 Chevy

As a photographer I let go of images all the time. They make their way into magazines, newspapers, books and greeting cards.  Of course the first one was the hardest and a real learning experience for me.

Prairie Dog

As a writer I let go of that perfect sentence that oozed with imagery. I let go of a number of stories and images when I released my first full length book ( Close Ups & Close Encounters. )  In my current work in progress my sister and I let go of shared memories

Cover 3-26-23

I’ve let go of old friends who have passed away and affiliations with organizations that were headed in direction I wasn’t comfortable with.

Now I am letting go of Winter.

New House


I am saying good bye to wearing 2 layers of clothes, heavy coats, gloves, and scarves. My insulated socks are being demoted to the bottom dresser drawer next to my thermals. The snow shovel is headed to the garage with my snow boots.

Snow Shovel

  Part of letting go is embracing something new.

I am embracing SPRINGTIME.


My days are being filled with warm temperatures, photo trips, and outdoor projects. I have joined new groups like the Gardeners exchange group.  We exchange ideas, plants, and sometimes recipes.

6 Tomato

Jay blames them for our new expanded raised veggie garden. Yes they offered a few tips on how to make it successful, but my Mother in Law requested I add peas and cucumbers to the garden this year.  My friend Linda offered to help with weeding and watering if I would plant some watermelons.  Another friend confessed he wanted to sneak over and pick a nice ripe tomato, and some green beans.

Also new this year I will be exploring new states,   Alabama and Louisiana are on my list.   I will also be traveling to new areas of states I have been to before and returning to old favorites.

New Bear

So letting go can be a good thing. Now if I could just let go of those extra 10 pounds I gained I won’t have to let go of my favorite shorts.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope I can count on you to comment and share this blog.

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21 thoughts on “Letting Go

    1. Yeah, I think the 10 pounds will turn into 15 before I get rid of it. The new house is working out well. We still have a few big projects, but in time it will make the perfect retirement home.


  1. Interesting and thought provoking! I have a hard time letting go–of possessions, old friends, bad friends, anything really. But, it definitely is part of living and often necessary for growth. Just the other day I thought of all the pioneers who dropped stoves, cabinets, and loved ones buried along the trail to Oregon and California, and the letting go they went through makes my modern day letting go of stuff in my home that needs to go, child’s play. So, glad you are letting go of winter, but recognizing new things, (like summer/spring) to grab onto! Everything has its season.


  2. What a good post. I could do a lot more letting go. I’ve let go of a lot of skinny clothes and a lot of fat clothes and a lot of skinny… You get the idea. I remember when we used to let go of winter clothes and got out the spring set, but now they’re practically the same, so there’s no need to let go. I just found myself wishing I’d kept my old Bugs Bunny stuffed animal, a sign I don’t let go easily.


  3. I just returned from a a week’s vacation in Florida where it was sunny and warm. A mean March wind greeted me on my arrival in Wyoming, and now, I must let go of my wish to be back in that more pleasant climate and get back to work.


  4. Wonderful post. We do constantly let go of things and people. However I have realized that emotions are the hardest thing to let go of. When you are hurt or scorned or slighted or used by another, it is hard to let go of the resentment, but when you do it lights up your soul and your heart, and possibly will make you lose weight. :o)


  5. Great post SJ! I’d like to let go of a few pounds too but I don’t think that’s likely. I also have some boxes of things to go through and let go of stuff which I intend to do during the next few weeks – spring cleaning is a good thing for me and my house of clutter!


  6. I feel I often let things slip away when I shouldn’t. Friendships and contacts in particular. I’ve gotten better about getting rid of some useless possessions, but more wouldn’t be a bad idea. With a baby we’re running out of space.


    1. Those old friend and contacts are still there, just staying in the background while you are busy being a dad. As they grow kids require less paraphernalia so you will eventually have more space. You will undoubtedly use that space for larger toys, but that is part of the fun of being a parent.


  7. I find as I get older, the things I have (friends, jobs, passions) are more and more important to me because they’ve stuck around for a reason. When I was younger, it’s almost like I think it will always be there but that’s not the case at all. On the flip side, the older I am, the harder it is to let go of something that has stuck around for so long yet I know it’s time to say goodbye. I think timing is important. When you know it’s time, you just know and try not to fight it. I just re-read my comment and it sounds confusing, but hopefully, it makes sense. 🙂


    1. When we moved and downsized we knew it was time to go. Most of our old friends from the neighborhood were gone, and we knew the ones that were still around would stay part of our lives.

      With the new house I reached a point where I had to just keep telling myself it’s just stuff, it can be replaced. I have found that some of it hasn’t been replaced so I didn’t need it to begin with.


  8. I too have let go of a lot of things, the home I had planned on retiring in, that set along the river and was so perfect. All kinds of material possessions, and time. I love your photos. Hope things are going great for you. Cher’ley

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I think we have all let go of a number of things. Unfortunately there are times when we are forced to let go of things instead of choosing what we let go of. We just have to remember for the most part they are just things. Things can be replaced.


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