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Have you heard of Mindfulness? It’s a word that is being used quite frequently these days. Dictionary.com defines mindfulness as:



the state or quality of being mindful or aware of something.



  • a technique in which one focuses one’s full attention only on the present, 2013-01-04 22.53.31experiencing thoughts, feelings, and sensations but not judging them: The practice of mindfulness can reduce stress and physical pain.

the mental state maintained by the use of this technique.

It’s a hurry-scurry world in which we live and taking a moment or two out of our day is a good thing. It helps reduce stress, thus making us more relaxed and aware of our surroundings. In a counseling class I’m taking, we are urged to stop at random during the day, think of where we are, what we’re thinking about, and focus on what we are feeling at that very minute. It does amazing things for the body, for putting oneself in the here and now, not worrying about the past or future; making one concentrate on the present and helps to clear the mind. Much like meditation, mindfulness lets you relax and forget about the busy world around you for a second. Even that minute amount of time is sufficient to place one in a happier, more relaxed mindset.

There is a lot of research on the Internet about mindfulness but I wanted to write a short post, so I’ll leave it to you to do that search yourself. Here are a couple of links I liked when I Googled mindfulness.

I like the Bell of Mindfulness because it gives you quiet music to listen to and suddenly a gong rings to bring you to attention. Very good for learning to practice mindfulness.

file0001052140987The Bell of Mindfulness


I read an article I found in Science Daily that says mindfulness has been shown to make the workplace more relaxing and less resistance is found between workers. Science Daily – Mindfulness in the Workplace


You can go to iTunes and purchase an app called The Mindfulness App ($1.99). I think I’ll give it a try.

The Mindfulness App: Guided and Silent Meditations to Relax


No matter how you choose to do it, try to fit mindfulness into your day. We writers tend to get so involved in our work some days that we get headaches, tense muscles, etc. Stopping for a quick minute could help alleviate that..mindDo any of you practice mindfulness?  What does it mean to you?  Does it help you de-stress?  I’d love to know

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22 thoughts on “Mindfulness

    1. I agree, Doris. I need the time to quiet my mind, back up and regroup. I feel so refreshed after meditating. Also, because of my back problems, getting up and walking to another room is something I do often. Otherwise I end up in pain!


  1. Stopping even a minute to be aware of where you are, the greater universe and creation around us, and of who you are is beneficial. And I throw the awesomeness of God into it. I need to do ten minutes, that sounds ideal. Thanks for the inspirational post!

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    1. Thank you for the comment Neva. I throw the awesomeness of God into it also. How can you not when you stop and look around and think of the many blessings you have? Too many people don’t recognize the value of a Mindfulness break. I cherish them.


  2. I’m horrible with living in the present. I’m constantly anticipating things in the future which creates anxiety for me. I get insomnia sometimes in the middle of the night (happened last night) where I worry and “mind-map” as my mom calls it. Perhaps it’s genetic because she does the same. She advises me to listen to calming music or meditate. I need to be more aware of my surroundings and try to do this when I’m walking Hana. But yes, you’re so right. Great post, Linda.

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    1. I still have problems with worry (generally about something in the future). Mindfulness helps me put it to bed and I can go on being who I am and where I am. Meditation is what I do in the morning before I start writing, but the Mindfulness breaks help me throughout my day to remain calm and focused.


  3. I’m in a yoga class that meets Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch. I find it helps tremendously as I try to hold the stretches and clear out my mind to the present. It doesn’t always work, but it’s nice when it does. The problem is that on days like today I don’t make it to the class because I’m too busy at work or on some project.

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    1. I love the Tranquillity emblem. When I used to do Calligraphy we used a lot of Chinese symbols. I ejoyed this post. I am mindfully reading it. I paused a couple of times thinking about where my mind could take me today. Thanks. Cher’ley


    2. I’ve never tried Yoga because of all the hardware in my back but it’s nearly the same thing as Mindfulness, I am told. I think anything that puts you in the here and now and quiets your mind is good for health (and writing!)

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  4. I love the Tranquillity emblem. When I used to do Calligraphy we used a lot of Chinese symbols. I ejoyed this post. I am mindfully reading it. I paused a couple of times thinking about where my mind could take me today. Thanks. Cher’ley


  5. You’re welcome, Cherley. Parts of my Mindfulness are to remember people I want to pray for and be grateful for. Even when things are hard we have so many blessings. Being in the moment gives you the chance to realize it and enjoy the great life you live. I did calligraphy for awhile too and am just getting back into it. That’s why I picked the Tranquility emblem.

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  6. When I’m doing things I’m pretty focused on that particular task so I’m not sure how mindful I am, or could be. However, that said, I also tend to multi-task or mentally organise doing more than one thing at a time- so where does that leave me with mindfulness? AARGH! I reckon I may need help with being mindful. 😉 but I do like to appreciate what’s around me as well.

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    1. I’ll just bet you’re more mindful than you think. Even though you are busy a lot of the time, sometimes something will just grab your attention – a beautiful rose in a garden, a lovely piece of architecture, a blue blue sky. Just be grateful for those little times when you stop and recognize what’s around you.


  7. Mindfulness… it does seem a bit like meditation. I don’t do meditation like I did in the ’70s. It was a good way to be tranquil and get in touch with my inner being. One time I actually felt like I was about to reach another level of consciousness… scared the hell out of me. Nowadays, I’m mindful of my Civil War novel and am constantly thinking about how to write the next few paragraphs, even if I’m in the living room watching a March Madness basketball game.

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    1. Yes, meditation was a little different in the 60’s and 70’s. But the premise is the same, I think. I believe one can achieve mindfulness even in chaos. It takes practice to tune out the world around you, but once you do, even a few seconds is all you need.


  8. Spending time in nature helps me relax, focus, and pray, and I need to do more of that. I try to get up early in the morning and spend time that way before the day gets going, but I’m not as faithful as I should be. Inspiring post, Linda — thank you for sharing!

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  9. I took my little dog for a walk this morning and something funny happened. We were on the snowmobile trail next to a busy highway. She was smelling the ground and enjoying the outdoors and for a moment I was so happy. That may not be the way to explain it, but the chilly air was invigorating, my dog was having the time of her life, and I was looking for buds on trees and sprouts in the ground. I didn’t even hear the semis on the road for a minute or two. Lovely!


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