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I caved in and bought one of the Adult coloring books (okay, is it just me or does that make it sound like there should be a brown wrapper on it or what).

I’ve always enjoyed coloring. It allows me to be artistic without getting frustrated because I can’t get the images out of my head and onto the paper, my major artistic roadblock.

Coloring was one of the things I loved doing with the kids. Did I want to play hide and seek for the 100th time? No, but I would sit down and color a few pages.

There really is something extremely soothing about moving that crayon back and forth. Now you would think any repetitive action like painting or sweeping (two things that my house desperately needs) would have the same soothing effect on me, but nope. They don’t.

In order to get that great relaxed feeling, it has to be coloring.

Buying the coloring book meant I had to buy new colored pencils….and, because I love office supplies, maybe a new pen (or pens) and some notebooks. You get the idea.

I love sIMG_2969_v2electing the colors for the images and I do love seeing the finished picture. Yes, I am thinking of hanging it on my fridge.

Have you tried the adult coloring books?

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  1. No, Jennifer- I haven’t bought any of the new ones, but I have a large stack of Celtic colouring books bought years ago that never got finished! 😉 I agree with the theraputic aspects.

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  2. Believe it or not, I liked to color when I was a kid, despite my limited vision. I wasn’t sure what I was coloring but used my imagination. Now, I create words instead of scribbling between the lines.


  3. They are very popular. My neighbor just bought one, my granddaughter got a couple for Christmas and the art guild I belong to put out ones with local artists designing the pictures for adults with limited vision so the images are not so intricate as some of the books. Our hospice is looking for donations of them also. Great new idea! Have fun.


  4. Great post Jennifer. I now have six adult coloring books! I never thought of trying them until I was in the hospital and it was part of our therapy. I love coloring at night while my husband and I are watching tv. It relaxes me before bed, I love picking out hues, and the motion of coloring puts me in a different world. I seldom really watch tv any more, I listen. Glad someone else enjoys it as much as I do.


  5. I have tried one and then I published one of my own based on my photographs. I had to chuckle at your brown paper wrapper comment. My daughter convinced me to call my adult coloring book Adults Gone Wild. Coloring is one of the few times hubby sits still with kids. He has been know to sit with my niece, nephew, or granddaughter and color for quite a while. So coloring is a great way to slow down kids of any age.


  6. No, but I might try it someday. Sounds like fun. I loved to color back when I was a kid. Helped give satisfaction to the creative side of me. Sometimes I got so focused on sports, especially baseball, that I didn’t spend enough time developing my artistic side.


  7. I bought a cat coloring book but haven’t tried it yet. Might be a fun project to do at the cabin this summer. I, too, have thought about creating one and even listened to a webinar about designing coloring books — I’ve been wondering why the craze all of a sudden? Perhaps it’s a good time to create one to sell before the fad goes away. 🙂


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