What Does Writing Do For YOU?

IMG_20151225_134442By Darrah J. Perez

I am going to speak through my own experience. I go through spells of motivated drives end on end, then, it does just that. It ends.
The drive is gone. The motivation. The feeling of being burnt out sets in. I begin pushing love away, and it happens all over again.
The drive begins setting back in. I am ready for love to enter back into my life. The motivation returns. Everything goes back to the way I like, the way I like being a writer.
Like a heart that beats blood through its valves, pumping to every organ of the body. Over and over. Again and again. The heart doesn’t quit until it just can’t pump anymore blood. It gets old and tired.
The motions of a writer are the same way. Inspired writing keeps happening over and over. Again and again.
The only thing different is a true writer never gets tired, never wants to quit.
We could be upon our death bed, sick and dying, and still want to write.
A true writer is a die hard. An overachiever that thrives on the successes of writing as taking a hit of the perfect drug of choice.
Writing is absolutely that powerful to me.
Again, this is my experiences as a writer. I love what I create through the mind and the muse. I appreciate what comes and what fits the flow of my poetry and essays and vignettes. I get proud knowing I have books published, with more in the works, never an idea wasted.
It is all written down like in the book of life, every task, every duty, every article, book, poem, quote.
The career of writing is implanted like the chip that make all us writer’s stay inspired and uninspired for periods which we try to make sense of, but never completely understand, not until, we just learn to accept that it is what it is. It does what is does. We produce what we produce when we produce it, because it is already a part of the life purpose, the destiny that each of us surmise. We are writers and writing is where we find joy in living.
Am I not right?
Tell me your thoughts.
Explain. What does writing do for you?



22 thoughts on “What Does Writing Do For YOU?

  1. Darah, writing for me is just an extension of the verbal storytelling and acting. I love all three, and if one dries up the other takes its place.
    I do enjoy your thoughts on being a writer, and hope you continue to have the passion and success you deserve. Doris

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  2. I have seen that quote, and it is true. Today I feel like I may not make it, but of course, it’s some kind of strange flu, but I have do desire to write. I’m glad you stay inspired, you are an inspiration. Cher’ley

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  3. Lovely post, Darrah. I’ve tried to quit writing, several times during the past 20+ years. But, it always returns, like a boomarang. I considered quitting this weekend when only 3 people (two of whom I knew) showed up for my library presentation. I question myself, and what I want to express and share. Perhaps it’s good to take a break for awhile, at least for some of us. I’m very proud of you for your commitment, for your endurance — you inspire many, including me! LOVE, LOVE, YOUR PHOTO! 🙂

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  4. While lazier at it than I should be, I have stories in my head that beg to be set free. And there is an excitement in creating, be it writing or painting for me. I’m betting all have waves of inspiration broken by waves of non-inspiration though–else how did the words “writer’s block” come to be?

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  5. Thoughtful post, Darrah. I’ve had a spurt since becoming an author in 2011 when I had 7 books published, followed by a very deep lull in my productivity during the last couple of years… but I know I’ll get back to churning out more, soon.

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  6. Writing is a way to get some of the thoughts out in my head, twist them around and polish them into something different. Sometimes the concept and the final product are worlds apart, but I love pursuing the story.

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  7. Writing is like a compulsion. It’s also a curse when I can’t find the words to express what I want to say. Writing is a drug, a need. When I unleash what’s inside me in a way I never envisioned, that’s what makes this whole writing torture/joy worth it.

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  8. Kind of like “I write, therefore I am.” On my Civil War novel, I figure if I can write at least five pages a day, I should have the first draft done in a couple of months. Today, it’s been just a paragraph, but I still have time.

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  9. Writing and photography for me are a way to share. I love sharing my images, my thoughts and my experiences. As writers we help others learn and escape. People we have never met are influenced by our efforts.

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