Happy Easter

This post by Jennifer Flaten


Happy (early) Easter. I love Easter, it is such low key holiday. While I decorate, it is nothing like Christmas. I have an Easter lily (safely out of reach for my animals) and an assortment of bunnies and chicks, including Snoopy dressed as a bunny and a singing Peter Rabbit.


It is a little hard to feel springy when you’re in the middle of a late March snow event. We have ice everywhere.


This year is even more low key than previous years. With a housefull of teens/pre-teens no one is really excited about Easter. Yes, they want to dye eggs & have a basket, but they aren’t super excited about it.


Of course, this doesn’t mean that they won’t have to hunt for their presents. I can’t make it too easy. I am torn between a treasure hunt for their one gift/money egg or some elaborate puzzle/joke that they have to solve before getting their gift.


Do you have something special you do/did for your teenagers on Easter?


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10 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Egg coloring was big when I was little, and for my kids and grandkids. And if there was snow, so much the better as we poured the colors on the snowbanks when we were done!
    Serving breakfast after sunrise service with my youth group as a teen is a great memory too. And getting to wear a new dress and hat! (Long ago customs) And traditional ham, candied sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes for dinner with extended family. This year we will celebrate my granddaughter’s birthday early too. Here’s to a beautiful Easter for you and your family.


  2. Happy Easter to you too. You are right about the teens, but, I would tell them they could invite someone who dose not celebrate this holiday if they would like, or someone who had no place to go. When they were in college they brought home several friends. We always had an egg hunt and then I would tape a ten dollar bill on the underside of one of the dining chairs and who ever sat their was the winner. It was always a big hit.
    Now we go to their homes and the tradition continues. :o)


  3. Easter definitely changes when our children get to their teenage years. We more or less kept most of the same traditions, (including more grown-up baskets) but since Easter is a Christian holiday we were more focused on church activities. I love the idea about the ten dollar bill under the chair that Patricia mentions. However you celebrate it, enjoy! We have the snow too, got 7 inches and spent yesterday digging out. Makes it a little hard to think about the Easter Bunny!


  4. My kids and I painted hard boiled eggs & rolled them down a nearby hill on Easter Monday. I also made an Easter egg hunt which we sometimes shared with cousins or friends or we went to an official Easter egg hunt in a local wood or estate grounds which was generally a half day out with a picnic. Naturally chocolate devouring seemed to be a regular feature at some point in the day.


  5. I don’t have/never had two-legged children, but I remember vividly Easter egg hunts and dying eggs with mom and grandma. Church has always been a part of my Easter celebrations and still is — I love Good Friday and Easter Sunday morning services! Easter dinner is also part of my traditions — this year my birthday falls on Good Friday (today) and though my husband is out of town for work, we’ll have cake and ice cream after he returns. I’ve planned lobster and crab legs for Easter dinner, combining Easter dinner with a birthday dinner at home… and cake and ice cream once again! Happy Easter, Jennifer, and to all my Writing Wrangler friends!


  6. You got me thinking about Easter in my day. My sister posted a photo of her oldest grandson Griffin doing an Easter hunt at the church yard not far from Grandma’s house in Beverly, Ohio. I only recall one Easter egg hunt, that one in Rialto, California when Jody was maybe four and I nine. I do recall getting spiffified (don’t think that’s a word) to go to Eastern services. I’m a chocolate addict, so even as a teenager I did look forward to the basket full of goodies.


  7. We will have a quiet Easter this year. Hubby works and most of our family is far away. I remember the days of Easter egg hunts, baskets and family gatherings. But we will have CHOCOLATE this year. Enjoy this time they will be grown before you know it.


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