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Once you get hooked on a series, whether it is a book series, TV series or on the web, chances are you will encounter spoilers. Once upon a time there was no such thing. Live broadcast TV meant that you either watched it or missed it completely never to be seen

again, so you might as well let your friend

IMG_0765tell you who shot JR.

Now with streaming services and DVRs you can start at Ep 1 Season 1 of a TV show that’s on its 5th year. Not to mention the availability of ebooks, it is pretty hard to go into a series without at least a passing knowledge or who dies (or in the case of Game of Thrones who doesn’t).

I am a little bit of both. If I really like the series I will do my best to avoid all spoilers so I can just enjoy the pacing set by the book or show. Occasionally, though I am a tad irritated with the excruciating pacing (looking at you Once Upon a Time-I watch it with my kids-NO Really!) or extraneous crap to fill out the page count that I seek out the spoilers.

Sometimes, you just know you won’t like it, but you want to be at least passingly aware of the pop culture phenomena so you read the spoilers so you can at least look like you are up on things. Like I did for the Walking Dead. I absolutely hate zombies, but I found myself reading the spoilers for the show, because I was interested in how the story played out I just didn’t want to actually, you know, watch zombies.

So, are you a spoiler seeker or do you take every evasive measure possible to avoid learning your favorite character’s fate in the season ending cliff hanger?

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10 thoughts on “Spoiled

  1. I use to want to keep up on shows, even ones I didn’t like. I too wanted to be able to chitchat with others at work about TV shows and wanted to sound intelligent. Nowadays, I really don’t care. It’s kind of funny… when I watch the late night shows and some of the younger actors and actresses come on, I have no idea who they are. I am really out of the loop nowadays.

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  2. I ADORE NCIS! I look at some spoilers and I read about upcoming episodes, but generally, if I’m not home and I DVR the show, I don’t read what happens in the previous episode until I’ve seen it. So, I guess I’m not much of a spoiler reader. And, I don’t like zombies either! 🙂


  3. I ADORE #NCIS, and I DVR it when I’m not home. Although I like to keep up with what’s going on with my favorite show, I try to not read spoilers for the episodes I’ve missed until after I watch the DVR’ed program. So, I’m not much of a “spoiler” I guess (although sometimes my curiosity gets the best of me!) And, like you, Jennifer, I DON’T LIKE ZOMBIES! 🙂


  4. I am anti-spoiler. If I’m at a movie theater and a trailer comes on for a film I might to go see I close my eyes and cover my hears. I’m that crazy guy you hear humming to himself during coming attractions. Same for TV. The shows I hate the most are they ones that show up clips from some scenes will play right after the commercial break.
    I like to read books in order of a series but I’m not as fanatical about that.
    That’s were I stand.
    – Stephen

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  5. Don’t like spoilers, but don’t read or watch any hints on what I don’t perceive I’ll like either. Might be my age wanting to not bother with stuff I won’t be interested in. Also, don’t watch series anymore if more than two as life is too busy for me. Got enough in my schedule book that I “have” to attend to now that I’m “semi-retired.”

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  6. Ah, Jennifer- I definitely avoid spoilers like the plague. I hate knowing an ending, or a major happening, before I’ve read or watched the approach to it. I confess to not bothering to keep up with trendy things even a little bit. If I haven’t made time to watch or read something that’s being lauded, i just tell myself it’s just another missed thing that I might get around to later…on one of those facilities you’ve just pointed out!

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  7. I don’t really keep up with most of the trending TV shows. I don’t follow reality shows, or zombies. Of course since I don’t have cable it is easier to not get caught up in many of the popular shows. We have an antenna we get about 25 channels and if there isn’t anything interesting on we just turn off the TV.

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  8. You are talking to someone who reads the first 2-4 pages in a book then reads the end. I just sigh and go back to reading the rest of the book. Doris

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  9. I’m a little bit of both Doris and Stephen. I often read the last couple of pages of a book before I start it but if I’m watching one of my favorite reality shows I’d rather not know the end until it happens. If I do get on Yahoo the morning after and catch the spoiler I still watch the show. I still want to enjoy the full experience!

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  10. Great post. I didn’t watch television for years, and we don’t have cable, but then I gave my husband a subscription to Netflix, and he gave me one to Acorn, and… I’ve binged-watched too many series. NO spoilers for me, but I admit when I was watching MI-5, I read ahead (Wikipedia is good for that) and learned that my two favorite characters would die–and that was okay, because if I’d not known beforehand, I’d have been simply devastated. (I take fiction much too seriously.) (And guess who doesn’t watch the Netflix I gave him.)


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