Adding Color

This post by Jennifer Flaten

My youngest daughter is an embellisher. Not of the truth mind you, but of everything around her.

She is forever adding paintings and doodles to ordinary objects. For example, she received a jar of handmade sugar scrub at Christmas. After using all the scrub we rinsed out the jar. I was happy to use it as is, my daughter on the other hand felt it needed to be embellished. The next time I saw the jar it was covered with pink polka dots.

Nothing is safe from her attention, even her school issued chromebook is covered with an assortment of pictures and stickers to make it more personalized.

We even bought her a special pair of Keds that are meant to be colored in20140525-DSC_8864, so far she has the toes colored in a glittery teal and two golden flowers.

I love that she is always adding color and individuality to her surroundings. I hope that one day that leads her to become a fabric/textile designer or some other career that lets her express her creativity.

Do you embellish your world?

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12 Responses to Adding Color

  1. Wranglers says:

    I do. I’m a doodler, and I like to create. She sounds so talented. Cher’ley


  2. Being visually impaired, if I try to embellish anything, it’ll probably look like something the cat dragged in, so I don’t even try. I’m glad your daughter enjoys doing that.


  3. Kathy Waller says:

    Mostly I write phone numbers and other bits of information on the backs of used envelopes and then wonder where they are when I need them. It sounds as if your daughter has the makings of an artist–lucky girl.


  4. Joe Stephens says:

    I don’t know if this counts, but I fill my room at school with trains and superheroes.


  5. Neva Bodin says:

    I do more dreaming of embellishing something than actually embellishing it. For example, this small “I painted it white so I could paint flowers on it small chest that sits in my dining room” is still white with no flowers after about 10 years. I now think I will sand the edges and let the former blue show throw and make it look distressed, however that isn’t happening either! Your daughter sounds creative and talented.


  6. Doris says:

    Creative for sure. What a gift. Doris


  7. Thank you for sharing this Jennifer. Whatever she decides to do in life, your daughter will live it according to her will. It’s wonderful that she sees color and creativity everywhere she goes. It’s a special gift and it sounds like she shares it with the world. Good for her!


  8. katewyland says:

    Your daughter sounds like a hoot. Glad she’s found a way to “improve” her world.


  9. Mike Staton says:

    Your daughter sounds like a budding graffitist or tattooist. Or maybe a painter who gets paid to create murals on the sides of downtown buildings and barns.


  10. I bet she’ll become a wonderful artist, no matter the medium. Delightful post, Jennifer!


    • Nancy Jardine says:

      I have many different ‘collections’ of things around the house so it’s akin to putting a personal stamp on the place. More embellishment would swamp us! I love reading that your daughter personalises things and not just because it’s a trendy thing to do. she may look back in later years and marvel that she was a doodler/ embellisher creator.


  11. S J Brown says:

    So glad you encourage your daughters creativity. I don’t do much embellishing. I do need to do that more. Our house needs a little pizzazz, I am just waiting for some inspiration. Outside I can liven up the yard with no trouble. Inside not so much.


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