The Waiting Game.

Me3By S. J. Brown

At some time in our lives we all have to wait. We wait in line at the grocery store, or sit in the waiting room at the doctor’s office.  Farmers wait for just the right time to plant their crops, students wait for the end of the school day and all of us are now waiting for spring to truly arrive.

1 Flower

This time of year I am waiting for the days to pass, waiting for eggs to hatch, and baby animals to be born. Photographing baby animals is one of the hardest things about my job, besides paperwork of course.  Baby animals are soooo cute, but their mothers keep them close and are very protective.  I prefer not be clawed, pawed or pecked in the pursuit of an adorable image.

4 Goose

Once I am in the field I wait some more. I wait for the critters to get comfortable with me being in their home. I wait for just the right angle, and that treasured shot that fills the lens.  I don’t like causing Mama critters stress so I use a telephone lens, stay down wind, and shoot from behind a tree, bush, large rock whatever is in the area.

3 Squirrels

Then after I am sure I have the perfect shot I wait for the lab to develop the film.

2 robin

Once I have the prints in my hands I submit them to publishers, then I wait some more. I may wait just a few days or it could be weeks before I know if what I sent is what they were looking for. While I wait I am working on a memoir, once it is done I will wait some more.

5 Butterflies

I am also waiting for April 23rd.  That Saturday I will be signing books at the Chocolatefest & Book faire in Martinsburg WV.  This event includes over 20 authors, a chocolate walk, tours of a chocolate factory and more.

Chocolate 2016 both

So what are you waiting for? What drives you crazy when you have to wait for it?  What don’t you mind waiting for?

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29 thoughts on “The Waiting Game.

  1. Great post Sandra. I’m a good “waiter.” I don’t mind waiting for anything (for the most part). Thank you for explaining how your photography shots happen. It’s so interesting. I can imagine how long you must wait sometimes for just the right shot. You must be thrilled when the photos turn out perfect. I admire you for “waiting” and for sharing your lovely work with us. Lots of babies should be coming soon, just be careful of the mamas. I guess it’s a mother thing to protect your young (even humans do it). A friend came to a meeting I was attending last week and he had two baby calves born on the same day. He brought a picture on his phone of one – it was absolutely adorable. But then, babies generally are. Good luck!


    1. Sometimes it is a long wait other times they don’t wait for me to focus the camera. As for the Mamas I just watch their body language, that tells me what I need to know. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Sue, I love this post! You have spoken a great truth that all of us, whether writers or photographers (or not), can relate to. Waiting can be difficult, but as you attest to with your great photos, patience pays off! Good luck with your upcoming event — sounds wonderful!


    1. Glad you enjoy the photos. As for the event I will be hanging out with fellow authors and there will be chocolate, so it is guaranteed to be a good day. I tend to have more patience with critters than I do with people. I will wait for an hour to get just the right shot of a critter, but when people keep me waiting it really bugs me.


  3. I love babies too, all kinds. As you have probably seen, I’ve had the opportunity to be with my 3 great-grandchildren a lot lately. So adorable. I love them so much. We’ll be getting some family photos done in May. I take photos constantly with my phone. I don’t often pull out the big camera., but you are inspiring me to do so. Perhaps when I get to Florida. Thanks for sharing your photos and your process. Cher’ley


  4. Oh yes, the waiting game. Sometimes the wait is worth it, sometimes you want to scream at the loss of time. Still, your waits are our gain. Love your work. Doris


  5. A chocolate-related festival? Years from now, even decades, people who book a signed copy of one of your books will flip through the pages and see a dark stain. They’ll remember: “Oh, yes, the 2016 Chocolatefest and Book Faire… when that chocolate melted in my hands just after I bought this wonderful book.”


    1. Thanks, waiting for critters doesn’t seem like waiting to me. Waiting for people is another story. I recently spent 3 days waiting for my internet connection to be repaired. Not fun. At the book signing I will talk about critters most of the day while trying to stay away from the chocolate. If I sell a few books, and don’t come home 5 pounds heavier it will be a good day.


  6. I love the photos. There’s nothing cuter than baby animals. I’m impatient when it comes to waiting for late people. Otherwise, I don’t mind waiting. A good example of waiting that I particularly enjoy is waiting at the airport whenever I travel. I make sure to go to the airport early so I can people watch. I love exploring airports in cities I’ve never been to. Good luck at your event and hope you sell lots of books!


    1. Regardless of how my book sales go it should be a good day. I will be hanging out with fellow authors and there will be CHOCOLATE. I am not much for people watching, now critter watching is right up my alley.


  7. S.J – like you say we all wait for something. right now I’m waiting for when I can really get back into my ‘writing’ stride which has been more of a ‘teeter- stop- mini step- stop’ affair, all the while reading and researching by the wayside. Your chocolate event sounds exciting and event filled. Enjoy the book selling and the chocolate!


  8. I hate waiting for people who move too slowly in traffic. I sat for a whole 30 seconds behind someone yesterday who refused to turn right on red despite the fact that there was no oncoming traffic at all. It felt calamitous for some reason. Right now, though, I’m waiting for my trip to New Orleans to visit a friend who is more like a daughter.


  9. Fun and interesting post, and of course loved the pictures too. THe squirrel one really spoke to me. Sounds like the perfect combination of combining a chocolate fest and book fair. Hope you sell lots of books and reward yourself with chocolate. I am not good at waiting for other to open a present I give them. I sometimes give them early because of that!


    1. Glad you loved the pictures. Yes the ChocolateFest was a good idea. People wander through town all day eating chocolate and buying books. By the way my birthday is in January.


  10. I love your post. Nicely done.
    The waiting game in life is all about teaching us patience, waiting for that perfect opportune time when things are meant to happen. I myself have learned to be patient, which is not always easy to do. Life happens the way it does and we must just sit, experience, learn, and grow, as we wait.
    Thanks for sharing with us.


  11. Love the photos. In general waiting doesn’t bother me too much, except for waiting in traffic. For some reason that drives me up the walls. I’ll get off the freeway and use side streets. May not get me there any sooner but at least I’m moving, not creeping and beeping.


    1. Hubby does that all the time. That is why I got a GPS for when we are on the road. He just takes the next exit with no idea where it will take us. I generally have snacks and drinks in the car so when I am driving and the traffic is crawling I just munch and turn up the radio. Glad you enjoyed the photos.


  12. I don’t like waiting for important repairs–phone, Internet, air conditioner, and such–especially when the repairman said he’ll be there at 9:00 a.m. and he turns up at 4:00 p.m. I doubt I’d have the patience to wait for animals, but I’m glad you do.


    1. Waiting for animals is a lot less stressful than waiting or people. We all know that animals move at their own pace, so I guess that buys them a bit of goodwill and patience. People on the other hand should know how to keep an appointment. I recently waited for 3 days for the guy to come fix my internet. It was a very frustrating experience and if there were more options in my area I would change companies.


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