An Inspirational Intro by Darrah Perez

IMG_20151225_134442  I’ve recently started the writing of my third Inspirational book titled, It’s Forever Happening, from my trilogy, It Happens When It Happens.

These books are for those who ever ask why or what next. My experiences are used to help answer these questions.

People ask me, “Well, what makes you believe you have the ability to help people?” My response is, “I’m not sure I can help others, but I know I am the type of person who is very observant in every part of life, and with being observant like a surveillance team, I am certain that I see things that not every person usually catches.”

It is my hope to help others to see life the way I do from time to time.

We are all given gifts in life and my observation skills are a part of my gifts, with the help of my gift of poetry and the capability of free flow wording.

When I started this writing endeavor I never imagined that getting your own book read was harder than actually writing it. With everything I do, I never forget to treat my avenues as a broadcast commercial advertising my books and my next best thing. In doing so I am proud to present you all the introduction to the book I’m working on. For those who haven’t yet read my first book, It Never Happened, and my second book, It Always Happens, please take some time to make me feel appreciated. I appreciate you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here is, It’s Forever Happening.

Introduction to: It’s Forever Happening

You can’t be bored with Life. Excitement comes when YOU make it happen. ~Darrah J. Perez

I never really understood boredom until with experience came age. In life with age and more years added onto our growing days boredom has tended to get the better of us.

With whatever it is we do, we find ourselves trying even harder to keep entertained and interested, looking for new outlets and inlets, searching for the next best thing, and this happens toward everything; writing, reading, watching, listening, feeling, making light of another day.

When we’re young every new thing keeps us going, keeps us reacting, and keeping us pleasant. Then, when we experience all of it, the high feeling wears off and we are pushed into this rut or hole if you may. A hole of torturous boredom. Not very much happy with Life. Not feeling the gratitude for everything we are blessed with. We begin feeling fake moods, and phony joy. We sometimes even tumble down a spiral of depression. Why, we wonder, should we not be more grateful, and joyous, and pleasant about life?

Addictions take us over because this boredom affects our lives. Boredom affects everyone, no matter who you are, where you live, where you’ve been, and even where it is you’re going.

I believe boredom to be the root killer of us all. Not the addictions we turn to. I don’t believe that is what destroys us at all. I mean it’s the way, but definitely not the reason.

Boredom and loneliness go hand in hand. We say we’re bored when we’re lonely. We say we’re lonely when we’re bored. We always want someone around to experience life with, especially when we’re being bad.

We don’t like to get into trouble alone. We’d rather have memorable company. But, when it comes to standing in the spotlight, on stage, or in front of others, we like to take all the credit, and say, “I did it, I made it happen.” We never realize that it is created by the stepping stones of others that helped make it happen. We must never forget about the little people as we call them. We must give them credit for showing us through their experience, in their shoes, through their eyes. It is because of them we finally begin to understand the way life happens, the way life flows, and the reasons behind certain things. Gratitude and appreciation must be shown from each of us to begin to experience the joy of yet another day.

Gratitude speaks for itself. With gratitude life’s abundances can begin manifesting all upon its own.

It is time to be grateful.

As you read It’s Forever Happening, I will take each of you on a journey into the why of things. As you’re reading, place my words into your very own shoes and begin to relate to the stories within these chapters. There is always a little of something for everyone in my books. I try my hardest to cover every topic and if there is something you feel I may have missed or that you’d like to hear me talk about, feel free to send me an email:

Enjoy this amazing read, the third of three in this IT HAPPENS WHEN IT HAPPENS TRILOGY.Grandfather picture background

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20 thoughts on “An Inspirational Intro by Darrah Perez

  1. We really can’t help each other except in that we can share our experiences and how we understand them and hope others can learn from them. If they grow, that’s wonderful, but it’s up to them what they do with what we share.

    I hope that made sense.

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  2. Although one cannot force another to travel a better path, being a light and creating enlightenment is a positive thing. As writers and human beings, we cultivate relationships, in particular with those who have similar experiences, in order to build trust, and when we build that trust, people are more apt to want to read what we have written/want to share. Here’s to light-shining, Darrah! 🙂

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  3. Interesting post, Darrah. I think no matter what your belief system may be, you’re right that we all do have much to be grateful for. Life is what you make it, and boredom can be put aside.

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    1. I think boredom is too alive these days. I sometimes hear my niece say, “I’m bored,” and she’s only 5. But then, it is all learned from seeing the older ones around her saying it and being bored. We need to all be better role models.


  4. I find your words interesting, partly because I’ve never been bored. But having worked with troubled youth for so many years your words ring true. Continue your path, it is what you seem to be called to do. Doris

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  5. “We never realize that it is created by the stepping stones of others that helped make it happen. We must never forget about the little people as we call them. We must give them credit for showing us through their experience, in their shoes, through their eyes.” I think “we” is an important word. As you say, what we know and do depends on what we’ve learned from others.

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  6. Hey Darah,

    It’s an interesting connection between boredom and loneliness. I can see that. I think people act out to impress or at least be recognized. Follow others even if it will lead to foreseeable disaster, because it’s better than being alone. I think self satisfaction with one’s self and making purposeful time – whether reading, writing, hanging out with quality friends, etc. – can make for a quality life.

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  7. Interesting read, Darah. For myself, I’ve been lonely sometimes but not bored. When you’re by yourself, there’s so much you can do to keep yourself occupied, starting with reading. In some that’s a very private endeavor. In fact, I like to set aside a time just for myself.


  8. I agree with most everyone here. I wasn’t bored as a child (or now) because I always had a book, despite having no siblings and being alone most of my life. I enjoy time alone but I can appreciate what you mean about gratitude and sharing experiences with others.

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  9. I posted a comment several days ago, but it didn’t seem to take — so sorry about that! In essence, I think I said we can’t force people to read or to like our work; all we can do is put it out there, promote it however and whenever we can, and trust that the readers that need our message will be lead to read it and be inspired. I wish being a writer was easier, at least when it comes to getting our works into hands of readers. There’s so much “noise” vying for people’s attention these days, so I for one am very thankful when someone finds my work and is encouraged by it. You have great messages to share with people, Darrah, and I’m glad you are persevering in your calling, and I look forward to our shared time together in May!

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    1. I wish this writing journey was easier as well. The hard work put in does pay off when you can inspire, even if it is one person at a time. I do love that part. Looking forward to May 7th as well. It will turn out great. I am sure.


  10. Boredom isn’t really part of my life. I tend to keep pretty busy. I seem to be busier now then I was years ago. Once my daughter was off to college I started doing things I had put off. Now I am doing things I never dreamed I would be doing. I realize even when things get crazy around here I am truly fortunate. When I speak to people about what I do I hope I inspire them to expand their horizons and enjoy their lives a bit more.


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