Dandy Dandelions

DSCN4200This post by Jennifer Flaten

I can tell it’s spring by the plethora of dandelions in my yard. I know some people say that snowdrops are the first flowers of spring, but I believe it is dandelions, or at least at my house.


The other day the temperature hovered around 50 degrees and it was cold and wet, yet I spotted a bright yellow dot rising up from the weedy edge of my garden. I smiled and remarked how cheerful it looked.

That’s how it starts just one little fluffy yellow head. The next day it rained, and the day after. Finally, some sun. KAPOW the front yard is awash in a sea of yellow.

I don’t use any chemicals on my lawn, because of the kids and pets and really I don’t mind the dandelions. In fact, I love them. I am not sure when they got the reputation as a “bad” weed. They aren’t bad at all. They attract bees and bees are good for the garden. As an added bonus butterflies love them. Soon my yard will be humming with bees and butterflies, thanks to the lowly dandelion.

They are actually a useful plant, besides attracting pollinators. Dandelions can be used to make tea, wine and the leaves are considered a delicacy by some (not me though).

So dandelions, do you love them or hate them?

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13 thoughts on “Dandy Dandelions

  1. I am happy to have dandelions anywhere, but not in the lawn. They colonise in no time and before you know it, there’s no grass left to sit on. Bluebells spread like wildfire too, but at least they have the sense to stay away from the grass!


  2. I hate the tough, reedy stems that my lawnmower doesn’t seem to want to cut. It just knocks them down and then they stand back up the next day, leaving my lawn all uneven.


  3. I get frustrated with them if they pop up in my flower beds but otherwise they’re welcome in the garden. In the past i encourged plenty of them to try to make dandelion wine. It was a bit tasteless but I, at least, gave it a go. Only just that once and the 7 year rule applies. not sure if this is just a Scottish saying, or not? “One year’s seeding, 7 years weeding…And a helluva lot of weeping! ” Enjoy the pretty colour, Jennifer!


  4. I love them too but my husband hates them. I see the yellow beauty and harbinger of spring as sunshine and hope. I admire their hardiness and tenacity. Plus their availability for little children to pick.

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  5. I love to look at them. My brother who died as a baby had one olaced in his lapel by someone. My mom used to make Dandelion greens. Iloved them, so I cooked them one year and they tasted just like grass. Lol Cher’ley


  6. I’ve always been a fan of dandelions too. Here in Henderson and Vegas, we have the yard looking like an extension of the Mojave. We do have blooms along the garage wall and some bushes that border the drive. They’re quite lovely. The urban trail I walk blooms in several colors in the spring. Last year I went to the Grand Canyon and when there’s sufficient rain the national park will have quite lovely blooms.


  7. I like them, too, and wish they weren’t considered a weed. I agree the color adds cheer, especially after a dreary winter. I had a friend once who made dandelion salad — I never tried it.


  8. I remember friends of my Mom made dandelion wine when I was a kid. I’ve heard you can use the leaves in salad. Personally I don’t mind them in the lawn, but I will get rid of any dandelion’s that invade the flowerbeds or vegetable garden. At my house Robins are the first sign of spring and yes they have arrived.


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