Have You Seen a UFO?

Neva selfie bird 001
My first selfie, see the UFO in the middle? And the alien Cockatiel on my head?

by Neva Bodin

All are sensational. All seem to be quite fuzzy. Are they for real?

I’m talking about pictures or videos of UFOs—unidentified flying objects—not the ones in my home that drop on my toes, or cause me to clap my hands together as they fly right in front of my face. Four people I know have seen them.

Periodically the TV airs a program on UFOs and humans who have been affected by them, as it did recently. One man who disappeared for several days from a group of passengers in a car who got out to better see the object, found out years later he had a metal object in his brain. I don’t believe the program identified the object, I didn’t catch due to being distracted, but it was seen on some type of scan, I think. There are numerous websites talking about this type of “body implant,” as well as other physical encounters.

Our planetarium had a show on alien abductions a number of years ago which I attended. And, to repeat, I have known four people who claim to have seen UFOs.

All four people have matter-of-fact personalities, not known to fabricate or be melodramatic. Two were co-workers—a nurse aide and a licensed practical nurse—one is a relative, and one a close friend. Three are women, one a man.

The lady, with her toddler in the car, approached their farm one evening as they returned home from the city, and saw a bullet shaped craft hovering over the farm house. It had colored lights around it. She stopped, afraid to get out of the car, and watched the craft until it suddenly lifted up and disappeared. She has not seen one since.

A co-worker, driving home from work one night, saw a bright light, I don’t remember if she described the shape, which moved sideways and vertically very rapidly in the sky, then disappeared.

Another co-worker related a night when she and her mother drove from town out to their farm and saw a strange craft hovering over their driveway. It was bullet shaped, had lights around it and it frightened them so much, they turned around and drove right back to town.

The fourth event we heard through a shared campfire story while camping with friends. The person had seen several bright lights in the sky one time that went horizontally, vertically and very rapidly in any direction. They then flew up and disappeared.

I am still waiting for my sighting. Any known experiences out there amongst readers of this?


21 thoughts on “Have You Seen a UFO?

  1. I saw a bright light with a tale. It wa a night with low clouds and whatever it was looked kind of like a flare, except it moved back up into the clouds. I have no idea what it was.


  2. Very cool. I don’t know anyone who has been abducted we have been to areas of the US where there is known to be alien activity. Thanks for these thoughts. I have some longer stories. Cher’ley


  3. When I was fourteen we moved to a farm. We came home one night to a strange-looking craft hovering over the woods across from the house. It left and we chased it in our little VW as far as we could before it disappeared. My father was very down to earth and not easily swayed by anything but until the day he died he told the story of the UFO.


    1. How interesting. That is so like the stories I told about. One would think if they were related to our government, we would have known more about them by now, but maybe not. Brave of you to chase it but I would have done the same.


  4. Being a space fan and an astronomy nut, I have my doubts about the great majority of UFOs. I have no doubt the U.S. has some ‘black’ aircraft, unmanned and manned, that are super stealthy and extremely fast, in the 4,000 to 6,000 mph range. I expect we may occasionally see one returning from an overseas recon mission. Right now the Air Force is flying an unmanned mini-shuttle that stays in orbit months, even years before returning and landing on a runway. Even looks like a shuttle. As to alien starships, possible but I’d think they’d be space probes like ours, not manned. It takes super technology to navigate the distances between stars. Could a civilization last long enough to achieve the technologies or would they destroy themselves in war or natural disaster?


    1. Interesting thoughts and questions you pose. I believe there is a lot we are unaware of also, and it is surprising someone hasn’t ferreted some of that out. The “loose lips sink ships” doesn’t seem to be a philosophy anymore. I believe there’s more chance of aliens than big foot. Still waiting for my sighting though.


  5. One night last year, a friend threw his book launch party outside near the LA River. I heard a strange noise and looked up in the sky. There was a bright light – kind of cone-shaped – streaking across the sky. But it moved REALLY slowly. We all stopped and stared at it. Later, it was on the news. Turned out to be the testing of a missile launch by the navy or something like that. But I like to think it was a spacecraft!


    1. Guess it’s good to have some mystery in life, and like Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster, we may never know for sure. The TV can always throw one of these “research” shows in when they run out of other stuff. I’m keeping an open mind.


  6. I’m a UFO skeptic, but since I don’t claim to know everything in or about the universe, I’m not saying they can’t exist. It’s both spooky and intriguing to me to think UFOs and aliens could exist — I believe we will know one day if they do exist or not. If I thought I saw one as your friends and colleagues did, I think I’d be petrified!!


  7. I haven’t ever seen one and I have to say I’m skeptical of the idea that they would just come to “observe” and never meddle or reveal themselves.
    I have known people who have encountered ghosts, one even saw ghosts ships sailing in the bay. 😉


  8. Interesting post. When my husband and I visited Roswell, New Mexico several years ago for a screening of one of his videos at Cosmicon, we heard a panel discuss the 1947 Roswell Incident. A journalist said the ranchers and others who told about seeing the wreckage and bodies from some kind of “alien” craft were down-to-earth people who had never liked drawing attention to themselves, and for that reason he gave credence to their stories. And astronaut Gordon Cooper was outspoken about believing there are crafts from Elsewhere visiting here. I’m skeptical, but when someone like Gordon Cooper says he’s seen such things…


  9. They remain a mystery to me, and I know of no one who has personal experience, but till something is proved I keep an open mind about many things.


  10. I think there will always be things we observe that we cannot explain. UfO’s are like ghosts , some people believe, others think they are just hokum. I think there is always an explanation, the explanation might only be obvious to scientist or those more knowledgeable about these things, or it might be there really are UFOs and ghosts. Yep, I am on the fence.


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