Silence is Golden

This post by Jennifer Flaten

Silence is golden. Really! It is wonderful, I love silence probably because I was an only child, raised by my grandparents. Our house was always quiet.

Then SURPRISE! I had three kids and it wasn’t silent ever, especially when they were babies. Actually, until they turned into teens/preteens it was loud all the time.

Now that they aren’t here much, or if they are here they are off in their own bubbles listening to music or playing games, maybe even occasionally doing homework it is quiet again.

I have no problem with silence, but I know there are some people who can’t stand silence. Riding in an elevator, standing in line, even working in a cubicle some people have to fill the silence with talk or music.

What is odd, is my mother, who is an only child too, always has the TV on. She isn’t a compulsive talker and certainly can sit in silence except when she is at home, then the TV is on all the time.

I’ve noticed even when we visit, she will leave the TV on in the TV room. She is oGrand Teton Afternoonut in the living room talking with us, but the TV can be heard faintly.

I can’t imagine that.  I love the silence, even at work. Yes, sometimes I have the radio on, I do enjoy the boost music can give to your energy levels.

So do you prefer silence or do you like it noisy?

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13 thoughts on “Silence is Golden

  1. I prefer silence too. Noise can really bug me. My son is like your mom. He has the tv on all the time, even when the kids aren’t around. He’ll even come in and turn my tv on.


  2. I like the silence of nature. As I type this by my open window, I’m reminded of how I love hearing birds chirping or a babbling brook or, my favorite, the roar of the ocean. When I’m writing, I’ll sometimes have instrumental music playing. But when the weather allows it, my default mode is to have the window open and work in silence. Often I’ll be playing music in my headphones to block out household noises, which I find highly distracting.

    I do enjoy music, but I prefer to listen to it when I’m not concentrating on work.


  3. I vote for silence. It’s what I need to write and think. When we were kids our house was always noisy and full of people. My mother kept the tv on low all the time, as does my sister now. I love the nature sounds of outdoors, like Joe. I love music but not when I’m writing. I do, however, like books on tape and music when I’m art journaling. I bought my husband a pair or earphhoes for the television because he has it on all day and most of the night, and because he can’t hear well, it’s loud. That has saved our marriage!


  4. I was raised with 4 brothers, who were very rambunctious, my mom and dad talked, laughed and sang a lot. I had 2 drummers as children. If it’s quiet anywhere, I will start a conversation. But I love the quiet of early morning or when I’m fishing or riding my bike. Cher’ley


  5. Everything in its place. Sometimes I like silence, like when I’m working on the novel. But I can write with noise too; after all, I was a newspaper reporter for many years, and a newsroom can be a very noisy place. Like your mother, I do like to sleep with the TV on.


  6. I like silence when I write and putting music on is mood dependent. I only have the TV on when I want to watch a particular programme otherwise it’s off. My husband is the same regarding the TV. We tend to use our computers and write in different rooms but he always has Jazz or classical playing in the background. I hear his music if he’s working in the kitchen so then I get a bit of both noise and silence. However, Jennifer- when the grand kids are around it’s never silent!


  7. When writing, I prefer silence or faint instrumental music. I’m not much for parties or loud music, as in concerts, either, but prefer small gatherings of family and friends. I, too, was an only child, and so silence (or at least peaceful quiet) is my preference as well, and likely one reason I enjoy nature so much.


  8. I enjoy silence, when I am reading or writing silence is essential. I am also a fan of noise, birds singing, children laughing, a good song on the radio. My hubby on the other hand doesn’t like silence. He is one of those people that always have a radio or TV on. I guess that makes I enjoy when he isn’t home that much more precious.


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