Happy Mother’s Day

This post by Jennifer Flaten

Happy early Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there! I hope you all have a special day filled with the ones you love.

I am hoping for a sunny warm day so I can putter around in my garden, so far spring in Wisconsin has been on the chilly side so I am really looking forward to a warm day.

Today, as an early gift, my husband took me to our local botanical gardens so I spent a good amount of time ooohing and aahing over the spring blooms.20160505_100832

As I mentioned before I suffer from gift giving phobia, I am great picking up spur of the moment gifts to give to people for no reason at all, but when it comes to gift giving holidays, like Mother’s Day I spend way too much time agonizing over the “perfect gift”.

I went with a plant for my mom this year, although I did toy briefly with the idea of a singing telegram. No, really that would be something my mother would love….ah, maybe next year.

My oldest daughter asked me what I would like for Mother’s Day (the same as she asked me what I wanted for my birthday) and I just couldn’t think of anything. Okay, maybe I could think of a bunch of things, but most of them were unattainable by a 14yr. So, once again I said ‘I dunno, flowers maybe” and she sighed and said ‘You are horrible at giving gift ideas for yourself’.

Well, I think that is true of most moms, right? We have a running list of everyone else’s likes/dislikes, needs/wants and simply don’t have anything on that list for ourselves. Besides, it seems kind of decadent to ask for something doesn’t it.

I do this at the store, I shop for all the needs of the household, paying attention to everyone’s dislikes and get home and realize I didn’t buy any food that I really like, but I am trying to correct that habit.

So do you find it easy come up with gift ideas for yourself?

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12 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. I think what you have is “Mother’s syndrome.” My kids are long grown so now I have them plus their families and have a husband to shop for so am still learning to “gift” myself once in a while. But the joy of giving to others is so great as you’ve obviously found too.


  2. I also have trouble getting gifts. I never know what people want. Most of the time, I just send money, but occasionally, I’ll give copies of my books if I think that’s something the recipient would enjoy.


  3. Never. I’m totally useless at it but for my birthday in March (2016) I asked my OH for a replacement camera, a simple one I could handle and I got it! The thing is that although it’s meant to be the same as the previous one technology has moved on since the first was bought around 2000 so I do have to learn new things about it anyway. 🙂


  4. I never had problems picking out something for my Mother when she was alive. However, I’m like you when my children ask what they can get me. Of course, I always say “nothing” but that doesn’t gel. My daughter is the best I’ve ever known at picking out cards and gifts. For any special occasion she always gives me a gorgeous card with lots of feeling and a gift certificate. She knows there are certain things I won’t buy for myself and she always knows what they are, so by giving me the gift certificate she knows I’ll head right to the store with my “found money” to get what I want. Mostly it’s Michaels, JoAnns or Hobby Lobby, but I’ve also gotten certificates to Starbucks, dress shops, Wal Mart and Office Depot (don’t laugh, I needed a printer one year and refused to buy it even though my old one was coughing and sputtering).


  5. Unless I want something specific, I rarely ask for anything. Guess my family has never been big on ‘big’ gifts, just lots of little special things throughout the year. Doris


  6. My kids, well actually everyone, says I am the hardest person to buy for. I love everything, but I also buy myself any little ole thing I want. Cher’ley


  7. I pine for pens and paper, so a gift certificate to Office Depot would be heaven, but I can’t in good conscience ask for one, since I have pens and paper stacked up all over the place. And books. My husband is a great gift-giver, however, especially when it comes to jewelry, so I love whatever he gives me.


  8. I ask my Mother in Law for the same thing for Christmas every year, a new top. She finds the softest clothes and I am all about comfort. My family is pretty good at reading me. For Mothers Day I got a new table for the deck and a compost bun. Most Moms might not like these gifts , but for me they are perfect. Generally when asked I come up with small inexpensive items I could buy for myself, but mean more when someone gives them to me.


  9. What I’ve discovered is that as you get older, you buy birthday and Christmas gifts for kids, and stop giving to adult family members. I’m not talking about a husband to a wife or a wife to a husband, though. I’m talking about extended families — brothers, sisters, cousins. Nowadays I get a box of Cheryl’s cookies from my sister for Christmas. It arrives before Christmas, and since I have a sweet tooth, it’s a great early gift.


  10. I treat myself to several things, but not often: massage, flowers, trips. Since I don’t have children, Mother’s Day for me means honoring my own mom, which I try to do. Hope you had a great day, Jennifer!


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