10 Steps to Promoting Your Book by Cher’ley

This Blog by Cher’ley Grogg

Books do not sell themselves. We have to get out there and get our names known and sell those books. Some of these you already practice and some of them are perhaps new to you.

The Internet has made us much more involved in our own marketing.

  1. Websites and Blogs
  2. Join a Blog Group
  3. Promote Your Site
  4. Market your book-in person
  5. Book Reviews Help
  6. Have a Book tour
  7. Use Social Media
  8. Focus on Twitter
  9. Guest Blogging
  10. Create a Book Trailer
  1. Create A Website

The first thing you’ll need in promoting your book is a website, preferably one that includes a blog. There are several free ones, and they are drag and drop, which means easy set-up. I use Web (previously Free Web) and WIX. I’m sure there are other free ones. My Website.  I am listing some of my links in case any of you have any questions or want to see how I did them.

  1. Join a Blog Group

Just like many of you have done here on Writing Wranglers and Warriors. This way you have many people helping to promote your blogs, and therefore your books. Sometimes it’s time-consuming, especially when you have to read and share everyone’s blog, but where else can you get so much free promotion? Our Blog Group

  1. Promote your Site and your Group

An engaging website is just the beginning. Now you have to get out there and promote it. Choose one or two of these social networking sites and dive in. With a little experimentation, you’ll find the ones that work for you. On our blog site, it’s easy to promote it, there are buttons for the most popular and some less popular ones. My Facebook Fan Page 

  1. Don’t Forget your Local Communities

With all the focus on online book promotion, don’t forget to physically market your book at home. Get your friends, family and churches involved. Local communities might be more intrigued in your work because it’s coming from one of their own. And it’s far easier to break into the local media than it is to get reviewed by the New York Times. Though it takes time and work to make contacts and set up events, the results can be effective and satisfying. I truly wish I were home more to do this, but hey, the rest of you can.

  1. Reviews Help

Contact people you know who have read your book and ask them for reviews. You can also offer free copies of your books for a review. I tried having an Amazon give-a-way for this reason, but didn’t get the reviews I had hoped for, but I think others have been more successful at this. Stamp Out Murder Reviews  I could really use some more reviews-Hint/Hint.

  1. Plan a Mini Book Tour

It’s up to the author to go out there and make things happen, to get the word out and get the book noticed unless you are a really big name. No one is going to do it for you.” If you have a little money and some good contacts, take the initiative and set up readings in a few cities. Here’s how one woman did it. EIREANN LORSUNG

  1. Use Social Media

Pinterest, Tribber, and Google + are getting more and more attention, but there is still the many phases of Facebook. You know it’s important to reach as many contacts as possible.  Fans of Cher’ley Grogg  Tribber 

  1. Focus on Twitter

Social media and other marketing gurus have taken to using the phrase “discoverability”—the ability for potential audiences to  find you and your book. It is Twitter’s capacity to make you “discoverable” that makes it so appealing. Cherley@Twitter

  1. Guest Blogging

Check around. Many blogs could use a guest blogger sometimes. We have even used guest bloggers on our site and we have 18 regular bloggers. Blogs are a great way to promote your book. I did a guest blog for Nancy Jardin that I enjoyed reading again. I have done several, but this was the first one that came up in my google search.

  1. Create a Book Trailer

They are not that hard to make and they get a little attention. The technology doesn’t have to be fancy if you have a good concept. In fact, simple is better if you’re doing it yourself. I enjoyed making the two I made, and I need to make two more. One of the things I’ve learned is keep it short. If you enjoy my book trailers, please go to You Tube and click like, so I can get a little extra clout. Thanks

Stamp Out Murder Book Trailer

The Secret in Grandma’s Trunk Book Trailer

Remember to go to YouTube and click on like. Thanks again.

** What do you do to promote your books, or projects?  **

Cher’ley’s Books are listed below and on sale at Amazon and local bookstores.

Stamp Out Murder”.
 The Secret in Grandma’s Trunk” This is an especially good book for your Tween Children and Grandchildren
The JourneyBack 3The Journey Back-One Joy at a Time and the B&W Edition of The Journey Back
Boys Will Be Boys   The Joys and Terrors of Raising Boys-An Anthology
 Cowboys, Creatures, and Calico 

All About the Girls 5(3)

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27 thoughts on “10 Steps to Promoting Your Book by Cher’ley

  1. Very informative post, Cherley. I’ve tried several of these and they have worked, however, I’m slowly (very slowly) working on a book in my Inzared series and I think It’ll be awhile before I need to start publicity. Thanks for letting us in on your secrets – especially the links to help us do things ourselves. I just shut down my website because it was costing me too much and I wasn’t using it. I plan to use one of the free sites to make a new one on my own so I’ll be using your links and getting in touch as I learn. Thanks!


  2. Great tips, Cher’ley! I’ve been wanting to do book trailers for a long time, and it’s odd because my husband is a videographer! (sometimes it’s tougher to get things done in one’s own back yard!!) I like doing book events and meeting people face-to-face, but it can be expensive (to travel) and if none or only a few show up, that can be a downer! I’m going to look into guest blogging more, especially on pet blog sites. I’d also like to get on some more internet radio and podcasts, but sometimes having the time is another of the hard parts to being an author! Best to you in your writing and promoting endeavors!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve had a couple of people ask me for a radio interview, but I was too scared. Lol. I know you do at so much with your books, I admire your efforts and successes. Cher’ley


  3. Cher’ley- I’ve tried most of the above suggestions but admit to not being able to sustain something like Twitter. The thought of responding to Tweets ‘from my pocket 24 hours a day’ is an exhausting one. The discoverablity factor is certainly not easy when you are one author in among the millions on Amazon and other book sales options. But when possible, we have to keep at it.


  4. Good suggestions all. Still hard to crack through to big sales. I’m falling down in that I could rejoin the Henderson Writing Group and take advantage of its resources. Lots of its authors are doing book signings at area independent bookstores and setting up booths at fairs, etc. I even saw where one went down to Kingman, Arizona, and did a book signing. I’ve been so focused on the Civil War novel. I’m hoping that genre will have a larger audience that fantasy. I’ve had friends tell me they’re much more interested in that book that my others.


  5. Excellent list for us and so nice to have it organized for me! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I do find the socia media distracting and time consuming though. Need to get a better handle on how to use that!


  6. I have a book coming out in a month or so and will be asking all the people on here if they’re interested in hosting me on a virtual book tour. I’ve never done one of those and I’d like to see if I can put one together.

    Lots of good ideas–thanks!


  7. Thanks Cherley. Lots of great suggestions. I stopped promoting when I stopped writing over a year ago. Now that I’ve actually printed out 12 chapters of Forearmed and am starting to work again, I need to reboot my own blog and start being active on Facebook and Goodreads. I rarely use Twitter, just isn’t my thing. This post may be a good push to get me going again.


  8. Your post is very timely right now since my debut book has just been released. I’m lucky that I have fellow author friends who are willing to promote me on their blogs so I have a few interviews and guest blogs lined up. I’m also blessed to have such supportive fellow authors who share my book announcements (and there are a lot!) on FB and Twitter. I have thought about doing a book trailer and love that idea but have no idea how to go about it so your post arrives just in time. Thanks, Cher’ley!


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