And the award goes to…..

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On Tuesday the girls had their Forensics Showcase. Since forensic isn’t really the kind of sport parents can come to and cheer their kid on from the stands, the awards night lets us see some of the winning performance pieces. Plus, there are snacks.

Our team took second in state and is off to the nationals in California and let me tell you they deserve it. The performance pieces are simply amazing.

After the performance pieces are done, it segues into an awards show and the coaches put any of the professional emcees at the Oscars etc to shame.

They mixwinning-trophy gentle humor, inside jokes and a true appreciation for their students. As a parent it is rewarding to hear a coach (or teacher) speak about your kid like they truly KNOW them.

What I love about the awards portion of the ceremony is the coaches introduce the recipient by sharing a memory about them. One of the coaches has worked in the district for 13 years and taught two of the team members in elementary school. There is something especially touching about a teacher sharing a memory of a student from long ago.

We had a moment of fear though, our oldest daughter was called up to receive her letter….and we waited for her sister to be called. And, we waited. I began to worry that my youngest daughter wasn’t going to get her letter…ah, but they saved her for last and up she went to get her award. Phew.

As usually happens at these types of events the outgoing seniors give the coaches a gift. Now, what you need to know about forensics kids are they are naturally funny, and have excellent timing, it goes with the sport.

This year’s had everyone rolling in the aisles, I can’t think of a better way to spend two hours.

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10 thoughts on “And the award goes to…..

  1. Gotta ask: what is forensics as a sport? I thought it was connected to debate, but I wouldn’t classify that as a sport.
    Congrats to the girls for their good work.


  2. Ah, a proud mom. I had the same question as Kate. Looked it up. Got this explanation: “Forensic competition is a contest between individuals or teams in various argument and advocacy skills. The American Forensic Association (AFA) trains college students in public speaking and “reasoned discourse in public life,” according to the association’s website. The National Forensic League (NFL) works with middle school and high school students in speech and debate skills to help students become effective communicators. debate has a long history in the United States, with the Lincoln-Douglas contests of the 1850s being perhaps the most famous example.” So there you have it. Wish more people using Facebook would research stuff before sharing it.


  3. Well done to both girls! I’m guessing we used to call what they do ‘The Debating Society’ at my secondary school. I joined it (since I tried pretty well everything) but quickly realised it wasn’t for me. Like you say above, it takes a natural wit to spar with others in these situations… and that just wasn’t me. It’s very good training for the girls and I wish them all future success.


  4. I loved the team banquets back when I was the forensics coach at my school. I still judge for the current coach and occasionally go to the banquets, but it’s not the same for me. I don’t get all the inside comments and jokes. Sometimes I miss it, though not enough to go back to the grind of coaching.


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