Almost Summer

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In the doldrums of winter it seems like summer vacation will never arrive, but once it’s May 15th all you can see is the end of the school year bearing down on you like a runaway truck.

While I am thrilled at the prospect of NOT having school for 2.5 glorious months, I also am not that fond of the huge amount of events that seem to take place in the last 2 weeks of school.

You know a field trip might have made the month of March a little more bearable. No, I don’t care if it’s cold, I’ll make sure my kid wears a hat, just get him outside please!

Ah, but alas all the field trips are at the end of the school year. Not to mention all the final plays, programs, concerts, you name.

I am tired people! Please cut me some slack, here. I really don’t need a day that includes 1 concert, 2 awards program and track meet all at same time in two different venues.

When I told my kids I was looking forward to not having to drive anywhere in the summer; my oldest daughter got quite indignant and insisted she would still be doing things, thank you very much.

Of course, she will. I just figure that maybe on that day the other two kids won’t have to be anywhere or at least anywhere at the same time that she needs to be across town.

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10 thoughts on “Almost Summer

  1. Excellent post. Having no children, I’d never thought of this, but you’re right. Everything happens at the end of the school year. You’d think the field trips at least could be spread out over the year. I attended a lot of banquets in May when I taught high school, but I didn’t have to shuttle kids around, so I didn’t really notice. I hope you get some rest soon–before the summer activities begin.


  2. I’d love to say that it will get better when they’re older- Jennifer- but chances are it’ll be just hectic. We had a potential major dilemma when our 2 daughters graduated from University in 2 different Scottish cities. At first, we thought it was going to be the same day so Dad would go to one in Aberdeen and I’d go to the one in Glasgow (150 miles away) Thankfully one ceremony was rescheduled for the following day and we were all able to drive down to the second one, having celebrated with a big family meal the evening after the first one. D 1 was able to keep her graduation robes till the following day so that we could have photos with them both gowned! Fingers crossed you get some rest soon.


  3. It’s no less tiring for teachers, especially the ones who are class sponsors. Getting these kids graduated nearly killed me. Combine that with housesitting for a friend and not sleeping well the whole time, and I slept for 9.5 hours last night when I finally got in my own bed.


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