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Sometimes you just have to say yes to something and then worry about how you are going to make it work later.

I have two examples of this. Last year, I got an opportunity to show my jewelry at a local, well-attended, well-established art fair. I’d applied earlier and been turned down (jewelry is a HARD category), but I asked to be put on a wait list in case someone dropped out.


Well, what do you know with one week to go before the show, someone dropped out. The Monday before the show I got an email from the organizers asking if I would like to participate. I said yes, without a moment’s hesitation. Then proceeded to run around like a maniac to get ready for it.


I  got my first show together in less than a week, while it was a huge amount of running around and last minute prep, it was worth it.

I am proud to say that this year I once again attended that show, this time as a returning artist, which means I should have had a lot of time to get ready. HA!

Where was I the week before the show? Baltimore. What time did I return from Baltimore? 10p Friday night. What time was my show? 9a Saturday morning.

Why Baltimore? Because I said yes. At work I am in charge of converting our accounting system to new software. The software vendor has an annual conference, this year in Baltimore. My work offered to send me to the conference to get some more in depth knowledge of the software.

I didn’t have to go to the conference. In fact, I didn’t say yes to going to the conference without really thinking about it.

Yes, meant missing some end of school concerts for the kids. It meant asking my husband to alter his work schedule to help out–he is more than willing to do it, but he works retail sales. He can’t just leave in the middle of a customer call. Yes, also meant cutting it really close for the art show. In fact, I had the husband and kids on standby to run my booth in case I got stuck in an airport somewhere.

The conference (and sightseeing squeezed in after the conference) was WELL worth the small amount of anxiety caused by saying Yes.

So go on say yes, first one time and worry about how you will actually do it later.

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11 thoughts on “Say Yes

  1. Jennifer,
    I feel the older I’m becoming, the easier it is for me to leap off the cliff and figure out how to land. And you know what? I almost always land on my feet. I think the more you do it, the more you gain in confidence and will do it again.
    Thanks for the blog.
    – Stephen


  2. Jennifer, I’m afraid I’m just the opposite. I don’t like getting bogged down with too much rsponsibility, but then again I wonder if I’m doing the right thing for those involved if I say no.

    I have served on the Wyoming Writers board of directors for a year now. Last year at our annual membership meeting during our annual conference, I opened my big mouth and volunteered to serve when no one else did. Several months later, I regretted my spontaneous act when the board voted to have this year’s conference in Riverton at a venue I didn’t think was a good one.

    This year, I was asked to run for Vice President which meant I would be primarily in charge of planning next year’s conference. Although I was assured a committee could be formed to help, I said no because I would have had to start working on next year’s conference right away, and I had so many other things going on this summer. I immediately felt guilty because the person eventually elected was new to the board and not familiar with how we do things. Oh well, what’s done is done and can’t be undone. She’s eager to learn so I’m sure it’ll turn out all right in the end.


  3. Yep, it’s fun to sometimes yell Geronimo and worry about the landing later. One year back about 1980, I headed up a Civil War re-enactment in Ohio. It was mass chaos leading up to it, but it ended up well.


  4. It’s a tough call, Jennifer, but once you do it, you’re in to the end. It’s amazing how qyuickly some arrangements can be made. Well done!


  5. It’s a tough call, Jennifer, but once you do it, you’re in to the end. It’s amazing how quickly some arrangements can be made. Well done!


  6. I’m afraid I operate that way a lot, causing more anxiety than I need, but stretching me and creating an exciting energy in me also. Mixed blessings. When I said yes to creating a nurse aide training program at work is a prime example. And I am full of anxiety as I have spent three weeks interviewing, watching people sign up, drop out, not call me they are dropping out but telling me when I call at the last minute as I hadn’t heard from them, calling the waiting list and now trying to get a schedule of speakers, clinical experiences and lectures together…etc. But I think creative people such as this blogging group are able to get it together as needed!


  7. I try to be open to new things. Usually it works out pretty well, but even when it doesn’t, it’s a lesson learned and a story to tell.


  8. I used to work well under stress but not so much any more. I agree that saying yes to opportunities is important and gratifying, so one should probably jump at the chance to try new things. Congrats on your return to the jewelry show. It sounds like you had a good back-up plan, so I think everything would have gone off without a hitch anyway. Obviously you are a good planner!


  9. I’ve said yes to a lot of opportunities lately, and sadly, I’ve paid for it with my health (extra tiredness and stress). But, there are days for stress and there are days for sleep. I’m now ready for sleep mode! Best to you, Jennifer — your jewelry is FANTASTIC!


  10. Hubby and I have said yes a lot lately. We had put our lives on hold while we waited to hear what was going to happen to his job. After a few months of saying no we shouldn’t we decided to get back to our lives. We decided that if we were going to do anything major we might as well do it before he lost his job. Saying yes to buying my mother in law a new home, led to a lot of anxiety but it is finally working out well. I said yet to adding in an additional book signing and that worked out well also. I said yes to a weekend with my sisters in NJ and hopefully that will work out well . I think if your first impulse is to say yes, then you should go for it. Generally all the trouble is worth it. We are still waiting to hear about his job and we would have lost out on several opportunities if we said no.


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