School Days Past

CindyCarrollEIt’s mid June and some schools are already finished for the summer. Some will be wrapping things up at the end of the month. With summer break almost upon us I can’t help but think about my school days. I’m more nostalgic for that time of my life than usual because last month was my high school reunion. Not a class reunion, but a school reunion for all alumnus from the fifty years the school has been open. For some high school was a time to be forgotten. An awkward time that you couldn’t wait to be over. A time of being bullied. A time of being lonely. A time of heartbreak when that first love didn’t work out. A time of belonging when you found that person or group of people you clicked with.

MCIFor me high school was an amazing time. I loved mostly everything about it. I was one of the lucky ones though. I had a large group of friends. I got good grades. The reunion brought a lot of memories back. I was looking forward to seeing at least some of those friends again. Sure, we connected on Facebook and I was up to date on most things going on in their lives if the Facebook algorithms decided to show me their posts. But I hadn’t seen most of them since high school. I wasn’t disappointed. At the pub social over 1,000 people showed up and I got to see some of the old gang. It was great catching up and there has been talk about meeting up again in October when another member of the group will be visiting from Phoenix.

2016-05-14 12.38.18Being back at my old school got me fired up about writing a young adult series I’ve had in mind for years now but haven’t started. There are so many other projects I need to finish first but the YA series is set in my old school. Walking the halls again I could envision the characters in the series walking those halls. Going to classes. Eating lunch in the cafeteria. Participating in after school clubs. I took tons of pictures of the school to help me when I do start writing the series.

Has your school had a reunion? Did you go?




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12 thoughts on “School Days Past

  1. Like you, I often start envisioning stories when in certain places, usually mysteries. I don’t go to my highschool reunions as I never bonded that much with many kids, probably due to changing my senior year. I do go to nursing school reunions, my 50th is coming up. We all lived in a dorm for 36 months together and bonded even though we didn’t know we were. It’s amazing and a group get together for lunch once a month now. Some come from thousands to hundreds of miles to attend now and then.


  2. My 35th(?!) reunion is at the end of July. It will be the first one I’ve ever attended. I live in a small town, so I see some of my classmates occasionally, but this will be the first time in 35 years I’ve seen many of them. I both look forward to and fear it for some reason.


  3. I’ve never gone to any reunions. Just hasn’t had any appeal. I was shy and a social outsider, though successful academically. I’ve bumped into a few high school acquaintances over the years but we didn’t keep in touch.
    If you’ve got inspiration, go for it!


  4. I went to my first recently (April 2016) and had a great time with my old friends- though we do meet up every now and again. I’ve connected with some other ones via Facebook and that’s great, too.


  5. I’ve yet to go to any reunion. Not that I hated high school, I didn’t but I just don’t want to leave the mountains. SIGH! Doris


  6. I love that your high school reunion inspired you to write the YA series that you’ve wanted to write. I have never been to any of my high school reunions and probably never will. High school was a fun yet difficult time in my life. I was constantly seeking approval yet never finding it as a half-Chinese girl in a mostly-white neighborhood. I never kept in touch with anyone from my hometown, although I did connect with one friend on Facebook though.


  7. Enjoyed the post Cindy. I graduated from a very small rural school and have missed the reunions so far. One of these days I’ll get there, but until then, like you, I have great memories of school days past!


  8. I haven’t gone to mine. There’s one this year. Something about it depresses me. Maybe I’ll get out of that phase, but it’s not worth the travel.


  9. I haven’t attended many of my reunions — my family and I moved my senior year so that was difficult. I am still friends with some of my classmates from both schools, but I’ve little desire to attend reunions. Glad you have a wonderful time, Cindy!


  10. Got to admit… I’ve never been to a class reunion. I graduated in 1970, so I have missed lots of them. Chief reason? Too far to go. The school is located in SE Ohio, and for most of those years I have lived in Florida, North Carolina and now Nevada. For the first 10 years after graduation, I did live in Central Ohio and could have gone, but couldn’t be bothered… too soon to matter. Didn’t play sports in high school, but was the high school newspaper editor.


  11. My high school class had a reunion several years ago. I didn’t enjoy high school much, however there were a few old friends I wanted to see so I went. Most of those I looked forward to seeing didn’t attend. The majority of old friends I reconnected with I had known since grade school. It was a fun evening but not what I had hoped for.


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