Whispers in the Wind by Darrah J. Perez


Many people along my path when finding out that I write, ask me, “what kind of things do you write about?” I have gotten good in my responses, and usually pull them in where they take a chance on my books. I am currently working on my third book to the trilogy called: Life Happens the way it Happens.
This third book touches on many subjects in life, where we sometimes wonder the why of things. In IT’S FOREVER HAPPENING, I listen to the whispers in the wind to answer all of life’s why questions, and by helping others, I share the messages that come to me.
In this month’s blog, I have decided to share one of the chapters from my new upcoming book. In this way, you can decide for yourself if what I have to share is worthy of your time. Maybe after reading this the curiosity may stir and you might want to know more about what the whispers in the wind have to say.

Here is my chapter: Ask and you shall receive

There are many times in life we tend to wonder if life is the exact way it is meant. We wonder are we in a relationship with the right person, are we working at the right job, are we following the right dreams. All these thoughts sometimes have us questioning life’s purpose.
I have discovered that when you go with the flow and stop stressing over life’s mishaps, life is more enjoyable. I call it, following which way the wind blows.
Life is strange, bringing those moments of uncertainty, seeming like it’s not always fair. Perhaps that’s right! Life is never fair at all.
It is at those times when things go perfect and then all of a sudden we come across a bump in the road. With one bump there are usually more bumps. It is then we may say or think, “what next.”
I have learned it is best to just embrace the bumps and keep a positive mindset, and instead of thinking or asking, “what’s next?”
It is better to just say, “I got this, this too shall pass.”
Asking what’s next is like asking a question and knowing the answer can’t be good, so it’s better to just not ask at all. Unless, you really want to know the answer and see how many bumps there are.
It’s like asking and then receiving. Thoughts are powerful. We have the ability to manifest our thoughts into whatever it is we may think. Thoughts turn into feelings and feelings create realities.
If we focus on having an illness, and honestly believe and feel we are sick, then that sickness created by the mind will begin to take root and overcome our health.
If we think our finances will never get better and believe it, then we will never manifest our desires.
In the Arapaho way, in the Christian way, in the power of faith for anything. It is taught that you must believe, for it to work. If you believe in miracles, miracles do happen.
If you believe things will get better in life, no matter what it is, the belief will create better outcomes.
The universe has laws just like countries have laws, states have laws, families have rules, and almost everything in life is based around laws, or rules, or policies.
No matter where you go these rules and laws are there, and when they are not followed there are consequences.
For example when we wrong someone out of anger or hate, we must face the karma created by our actions. It is the same thing if we were to rob from someone or seriously hurt someone, and when we get caught we must suffer the consequences.
Karma is one of the biggest universal laws there are. There is no escaping from Karma. Karma has the ability to take a soul, especially when a person is weak.
Wishing bad on someone is never a good thing. Hoping for something bad is not good either. Having a compassionate heart on top of sympathy helps to create balance between karma’s law.
We may not be able to stop karma, but we can steer it in the direction we want.
Do onto others as you would do onto yourself.
There are many hateful people out there, at work, at church, at school, everywhere we go. Jealousy is big and these jealous, hateful people have evil thoughts. Those evil thoughts can create bad onto another person. What these people don’t understand is that, okay sure they may have wished bad onto another person, and bad things began happening to that person. But, now what about the law of karma. Because now you just pissed off karma and now you don’t even have to ask, “now what?” Karma is coming whether liked or not.
It is better to just attempt getting along with others. Be happy for the success of our colleagues, our friends, or family, even people we don’t even know.
There are some people we can’t stand to be around, and that is okay. Not everyone is meant to like us or us them.
Smile and wave. Be nice. Do it with a good heart and see the good karma come back.
Try it. It works.


Here is, Any Which Way the Wind Blows.

The Universe hears us when we speak. What we say is made into creation.
Our whispers are carried by the Wind into the rivers upon the earth around the world.
Any way the wind blows it is always best to follow.
By rocking the boat, tidal waves of a storm can sink a ship.
Mean what you say and say what you mean, never be afraid to profess the truth.
The Wind blows a hundred miles an hour faster than any person. So, don’t fight it, just blow with the wind.
Be the ripples in a pond, the ones that repeat, like echoes in a canyon.
To get a short end of a stick is not always fair, but like a mouse to cheese, a mouse to a cat, a dog to a bone; it happens exactly as meant.
Don’t force the works of destiny, instead follow which way the wind blows.

Artwork by Lynn Smith.

Darrah J. Perez is an inspirational Native Poet and Author who writes through her Native American Ancestry. Her work touches many, known to bring chills and inspiration to all those who either read her books, hear her poetry, or attend one of her presentations. A poet of our time with a gift for everyone.

Her books can be purchased on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


18 thoughts on “Whispers in the Wind by Darrah J. Perez

  1. Good advice, Darrah! I think I generally listen to the wind and follow which way the wind blows. My friends would never call me an optimist – and not a pessimist either. I’m very inclined to react to circumstances in a practical and pragmatic way. I don’t feel stressing over anything gets good results, so I avoid that.

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  2. All excellent advice, Darrah. It’s true that to go with the flow makes for a happier person. Life is unpredictable and no matter how much we plan, things change. It’s up to us how to handle it. Sounds like an uplifting book!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sarah, I try to create inspiration within my three book trilogy. I am currently on my third book, It’s Forever Happening, and this one is coming a little slower than the first two. I want the inspiration to come stronger than ever. I appreciate you stopping by! And maybe when you find a time hole in your busy life, maybe you could take a moment to feel the inspiration that I offer in my books. No pressure, just a thought.

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  3. A bit late commenting. I much prefer to walk when it’s windy, when it can hear it rustling limbs and leaves, flapping flags, feel it tickling my face. Right now the Vegas wind is oven-hot, and that’s OK. Different experiences makes for variety. You have a good way of posing questions that we need to explore in our lives, questions that point us toward the routes that maybe lead to answers. Good post.

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    1. I love the wind, especially here in Wyoming, sometimes it can get fierce, nature in itself has many different ways it speaks to us. But, it is up to us if we listen or not. Thanks for reading. I appreciate it!


  4. Karma and I are old friends. I may not always be there to witness Karma in action, but eventually word gets to me. People who are kind to others are shown kindness. People who treat others badly are eventually treated to that same bad behavior. While I try to play a role in treating people to good Karma. I step aside when it comes to bad Karma and let the universe treat them to what they deserve.


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