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My oldest daughter is involved in our local civic theatre’s production of Annie Jr. What makes this particular show special is that it is a joint effort between the civic theatre and the Penguin Project.


The Penguin Project is children’s theatre program that casts special needs and disabled children in all the roles. The actors are paired with a peer mentor that works on stage with them to help with lines, dance steps or anything else the actor might need.

The programs is all volunteers from the mentors, like my daughter, to the crew, directors and choreographers. The whole crew has been hard at work since January to prepare for the show.

Tonight is “Preview Night” where family and special guests get to see the show before it opens tomorrow night.

I am so proud of my daughter for being a part of this organization. I remember when she first told me she was interested in participating is this show. We attended the first meeting and I was just amazed at the turnout of not only actors, but mentors.

As any parent can tell you, it is always gratifying to see your child working with their peers in a cooperative, helpful, empowering way. So many times, as parents we see our kids interacting only with their siblings. And, as anyone with siblings can tell you that is often not the best representation of your kid (as they slap fight over who gets the last piece of cake or refuse to lift a finger to help their sibling).

So, we as parents wonder if our kids are capable of compassion and thoughtfulness. They definitely are!

I hope you get the opportunity to have a Penguin Project production in your community.

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12 Responses to Penguin Project

  1. I can just picture you walking around like the female peacock with your feathers all fluffed up. Congratulations to your daughter, you and your community. :o)


  2. Travis says:

    best of luck to her! Enjoy the show.


  3. This sounds like fun. Tell your daughter to break a leg. In other words, good luck.


  4. Gayle Irwin says:

    AWESOME!! Hope all goes well and that each one enjoys their role!


  5. Doris says:

    These are great projects and you have a right to be proud of your daughter’s involvement. Doris


  6. Absolutely wonderful. Those bonds with our children are important. Sounds like a wonderful theatre production.


  7. Joe Stephens says:

    That sounds amazing! Brava to you and to your daughter for doing such a lovely thing.


  8. Nancy Jardine says:

    What a special thing for your daughter to do, Jennifer. It’s great that your kids are building up what will become precious memories.


  9. What a great opportunity for your daughter and other talented kids to be involved in such a great organization. I’ll bet you’re proud when you see her on stage!


  10. Mike Staton says:

    I love these kinds of efforts. Congratulations to you, your daughter and the rest of the theatre group.


  11. S J Brown says:

    Children learn by example and I am thinking your children have a great example to learn from.


  12. Wranglers says:

    Great girl. Thanks for sharing.Cher’ley


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