A Walk in the Garden

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Nothing makes me happier than strolling through a neatly tended garden. One of my favorite places to go in Madison is the Olbrich Gardens. It is acres and acres of artfully arranged, perfectly weeded and mulched gardens. Why even their native garden is manicured!

At home my gardening is slightly more, shall we say, haphazard…and I am totally fine with it. I don’t do any p20150806_094424lanning in regards to my garden….actually I take that back I plan to go to the garden center and get more plants. That’s about it.

No matter what P. Allen Smith says I can’t bring myself to sit down with a piece of paper and map out where I am going to plant stuff.

Just last week I found myself with about 2 hours to kill in between dropping kids off and picking kids up. The last kid drop off put me near a Home Depot. So, I decided to see if they had any plants on clearance.

They did. Some lovely, HUGE, can’t believe they were marked down, gorgeous plants. I would have been a fool to pass them up. Seriously, once I got them home I peeled off the $4 clearance sticker to reveal the original $20 price tag (see it was totally worth it).

I had a vague idea where I would put them once I got them home, that spot turned out to be not ideal, so I had to find an alternate spot. I actually like this spot better. I can see them from the kitchen window and they will add color once my lilies stop blooming.

So, are you a planner or impulse buyer when it comes to the garden?


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10 thoughts on “A Walk in the Garden

  1. I love gardening. It’s one of the things about not living on my own. I like flowering plants as well as crop-producers.


  2. I’m a “nothing” when it comes to gardening. My mother, may she rest in peace, was fond of saying I would kill a plant, and I’m afraid her self-fullfilling prophecies came true. I know I can write without killing anything, so I’ll stick to that.


  3. Love a garden. LIve on a hill of clay mixed with bentonite now, so no garden. Do have potted petunias galore this year– in my old wagon, mom’s old dishpan sitting in an old rocking chair, and pots and a raised bed and hanging pots. Have fun in your garden.


  4. I can’t grow anything. Love looking at the gift others have. I just don’t want to torture the plants, so I don’t get them. Doris


  5. I have absolutely no talent at gardening, but I do love visiting gardens. A rain gusher hit Vegas this afternoon and cleared out the heat for a little while. When I walked, the smells were wondrous.


  6. I’m a good garden killer. I have a patio so things have to grow there and eastern sun is so strong most things die. In previous locations I’ve done better.


  7. Neat post Jennifer. I don’t have a green thumb, but luckily my farmer husband does. We don’t plan, we just put stuff wherever we think it’ll look good. We stalk the aisles at Fleet Farm, Menards and other flower sales stores until we happen upon a great deal – isn’t it fun?


  8. I love my garden. I like planning for the summer flowering as well, Jennifer, and sometimes do impulse buying at the garden centre when plants are going cheap, then wonder where I can fit them in. I have a lot of lovely plants and they’re tolerant of the haphazard attention they get from me!


  9. I plan to go to Lowes, Home Depot , Walmart, and the local garden center. There I head straight for the clearance section. My plan is to fill large sections of the yard with plants and flowers. Hubby loves this since the more flowerbeds I put in the less grass he has to mow.

    I am also a member of a gardeners exchange group. We exchange plants, ideas and breakfast at our monthly meetings. I never come home without a few plants and some great ideas.
    As for where the plants go each plant generally takes a tour of the yard. I leave it in the pot and place it in a flowerbed. Then I go onto the next one. Of course by the time I have three or four plants situated I change my mind about at least one of them. So I don’t really plan except for sun, shade, or part shade.


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