School Sounds Good

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Normally we have the kids enrolled in a summer school program. It helps keep them active and it gives me a little break from them during the long days of summer.

This year the girls are taking a 6 week credit gym class. This means they can get their gym requirement out of the way this summer and have an extra hour for a class they want or need during the school year. It is an intense class. It is 4 hours of physical activity. For instance, last week it was 2 hours of flag football, followed by 2 hours in the pool.

They come home from this and they are pretty done for the day. Both of them are getting a lovely tan though!

My son has a special AVID (it is a special college prep class) starting for the second half of summer school. Until then we’ve decided he can hang out at home, alone, while my husband and I are at work. For the most part it’s went well except during the first week. On the second day of his home alone adventure the cat caught a mouse. My son didn’t want the cat to eat the mouse so he had to chase the cat around the house until he could get the mouse away from the cat. Stressful.

On the fourth day Ginger threw up behind our couch leaving my son to make sure she wasn’t seriously ill and clean up the mess. He did both very well, but by now staying home is losing its luster and he is wondering when he can go to summer school it is much more relaxed there!

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10 thoughts on “School Sounds Good

  1. Gosh, they’re hard workers even during the summer. Back when I was a kid, I had to go to summer school once in elementary school and I hated it. For me, summer was going out to play in the morning and evening (it was southern California, with afternoon temperatures often above 100) and maybe getting a sweet roll from the bakery truck or a ice cream bar from the ice cream truck.


  2. That is such fun, Jennifer. I can picture it so well. Freedom often comes at a PRICE! i hope you all have a continued ‘stress free’ summer.


  3. Love the post, Jennifer! Back in my day summer was for playing, swimming and other such activities, but we worked hard too. I picked strawberries and cherries for money for school clothes and babysat. By the time school started again I was ready!


  4. I remember summer as a time to imagine and dream and be surrounded by warm silence. Occasional play times with cousins but lots of alone time, and milking cows and feeding calves in the evenings, or caring for orphan lambs, gathering eggs, and not needing to wear a jacket. It was a time of renewal for the busy school year to come.


  5. I usually teach summer school, but this year I decided I needed the time off to travel and write more than I needed the money. I’m really enjoying it.


  6. By now I am sure the anticipation of summer has worn off for most kids. That can make summer a long time for most parents. You seem pretty good at this parenting thing. You keep them busy, give them a bit of down time now and then and slowly let them explore their independence.


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