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My son is taking an Avid class this summer. Today they had a lively discussion about whether or not it is good to be bored. I asked him what position he took in the debate, and he said he took the position that it isn’t good to be bored. My mother happened to be visiting today and she pointed out that when she was a kid, saying you were bored ensured that you got the nastiest chore your mother could find…consequently you were “never” bored.

As a reader/daydreamer/people watcher/crafter who never has enough time to do the fun things she likes to do I said that I didn’t think you could ever be bored. There is ALWAYS something to do.

The kids were not impressed with my line of reasoning. My middle daughter said she thought it was possible to bored in school and that if you were bored it was a failure on the teacher’s part.

So what do you think? As an adult are you bored? Do you agree that boredom in school is a teacher problem or is it a kid problem?

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9 thoughts on “Mom I’m Bored

  1. I can honestly say I’ve never been bored. I was always involved in something when I was a kid (I read voraciously and was always on my bike or writing). I also had three siblings to do things with. It’s the same as an adult – I always have lots of fun things to do, all I have to do is choose. However, the word “bored” may mean something entirely different to different people. Perhaps your son isn’t really bored but looking for a next project and perhaps a prod from mom?


  2. When a kid, I was never bored. When in elementary and junior high in Rialto and Corona, California, I couldn’t wait to get outside and play. Sometimes it was a pickup football game or baseball game, maybe pretend war with play guns, riding our bikes down to the local service station to buy a grape soda or across U.S. 66 to the fire station to chat with firemen, buying an ice cream cone when the musical ice cream truck came by. Life was good circa 1962.


  3. I was a compulsive reader so I was never bored. However – I was often ‘bored’ doing chores which had to be done before I could get back to my reading!


  4. My favorite line to use on my students who say that is that only boring people get bored. Boredom is an internal thing, not a result of circumstances. I don’t remember as an adult being bored outside of a staff meeting, and in those, I chose to do something interesting, like work on a story.


  5. Never enough time to be bored — give ’em a book to read, if nothing else. I think kids have a tendency to feel bored, but tell them to “wait til you’re an adult and you’ll see how the time flies by and you’ll wish there was more time to get work/writing/reading/baking/gardening/cooking etc etc done!” LOL


  6. As an adult I don’t have time to be bored. There is always and I mean always something that needs to be done. Many times I opt to do things I enjoy rather than what needs to be done. There just simply isn’t time for boredom in my life.

    As for the issue of bored students I agree with your daughter it is a teacher problem. However with so many students in each class it isn’t a problem most teachers can solve. Since some students grasp lessons easier than others some students are bound to become bored with the pace at which the lessons move. Teachers simply can’t pick up the pace without loosing students along the way.


  7. I think it’s a kid problem. I’m noticing that too with my two. They don’t seem to know how to just sit for 5 minutes and think. They always need something that someone else is telling them to do. It’s like the thought of just sitting for a while terrifies them and woe is me if they have to handle a couple of hours without each other that doesn’t involve a computer.


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