Life’s Little Distractions

IMGP6507By S. J. Brown

All of our lives are filled with distractions. However my world seems to have more than its share.  As I sat down to write this blog in my newly completed office I was distracted as a butterfly fluttered past my window.  Yes, I grabbed my camera and followed it.

1 Butterfly

My office has eight windows and a sliding glass door. These let in lots of light, provide cross ventilation and I enjoy an array of views.  I can watch the birds at the bird feeders, and get distracted.  I can see the bunny rabbits that hop around the yard.  When one of them heads for the vegetable garden I feel compelled to go out and give them a stern lecture about eating my veggies.

2 Rabbit

When Jay and I worked on the office on more than one occasion I stopped painting, grabbed my camera, and headed into the yard to photograph the latest distraction.3 Squirrel

It’s not just critters that distract me; it could be a phone call, a visit from a friend, the dryer buzzing, really just about anything distracts me. It is a wonder I get any work done at all.   Photographing critters is just the fun part of what I do.  I spend a good bit of time in my office.  Photos need to be scrutinized, sorted, and submitted on a regular basis.  Then there are book promotions, scheduling, and Facebook.

4 Baby Bird

When I began this blog it was about the consequences of the decisions we make, obviously I got distracted and came back to my desk with a new subject to write about.

Distractions when I am in the field tend to be a good thing. I can be focusing in on a bird and get distracted by a deer.5 Deer



Jay and I can be heading to dinner out and get distracted by a fox or a bear.

6 Fox

When we are in a boat and Jay gets distracted by a Bald eagle or two, I get very nervous. I can’t swim well and I am not comfortable in water.

7 Eagles

So distractions can be a good thing or a bad thing. When I am stressed I welcome a good distraction like a new book, or a dog with a ball in its mouth. So do you tend to welcome distractions or stress over them?

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20 thoughts on “Life’s Little Distractions

  1. Excellent questions. Do I get distracted, oh yes. I sometimes wonder if my distractions are just a form of procrastination, but they aren’t. I’m just fascinated by the world. Doris

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  2. It all depends. Like you, I love distractions when I’m nervous about something. But maybe my least favorite thing is distractions when I’m trying to concentrate on something. When I’m at a concert or performance, a crying child or someone’s phone going off just drives me over the edge. And those things seem to be the norm now instead of the exception. It amazes me how many people seem to feel all rules of decorum apply to other people.


    1. Yes we seem to have an entire generation that doesn’t think the rules apply to them. Luckily for us the next generation is being educated by some rather smart teachers who’s teachings go beyond the textbook.


  3. Great post! I have a low tolerance to distractions due to my Bipolar Disorder, but I manage them well most of the time. My biggest problem is myself. I am working on something, get up to do something, do something else along the way, etc., and it takes me an hour to do the original thing! I am really working on trying to stay focused. Like you, I am distracted by the out doors and listening to the birds, watching the baby rabbits, hearing the children in the lake – all are good distractions and I look and listen and go back to what I was doing.


  4. Sue, great post!! I think it’s very easy to get distracted, including by social media, deadlines, interruptions from friends and family, etc. I often turn my phone off when I want to concentrate on a story or article. I love to go to my cabin and sit under a tree and write! No chance of phones or internet interruptions!! Keep taking those photos, distractions or not — that’s a GOOD distraction! 🙂


    1. When I am working in my office I turn off the TV and the radio to lesson the distractions. But somehow I always find new distractions, most of them are good ones so I am not complaining.


  5. I’m very easily distracted these days- like now when I should be writing and I’m playing catch-up with internet commitments and FB. My grandkids descend upon at random times and are a lovely distraction though it can be hard to regain my writing concentration again. My garden is a huge draw. I notice how the grass needs cut again, or that the borders are needing to be tidied or that I’ve not fed the plants in more than a week, as I look out of my window near where I write. However, I’ve decided that life’s distractions can be a destresser- if there is such a word as that. Unfortunately, I don’t generally see much progress with some distractions in the way you do with having a lovely photographic record. Good post and makes me want to focus on my writing today ….but there’s that … 😉


  6. I am easily distracted unfortunately. I think distractions are both good and bad. They’re bad when I use them as a way to procrastinate. I write at my desk which is right next to my deck. I can hear all kinds of things, like construction going on at my neighbors, kids screaming, dogs barking, birds chirping. Nature, I don’t mind and it’s a welcome distraction. Construction and people yelling and traffic, not so much. I have to force myself to tune it out and when I get in that “writer zone” it’s pretty easy.


  7. I forgot to say nice photos, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets distracted easily. See, I couldn’t Eben finish my first comment without getting distracted. Cher’ley


  8. I’d have liked to see you chasing after that butterfly. I’ve started walking between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m., about the coolest time of the day here in Vegas. Coming off the urban trail back into the neighborhood I’ve been seeing bats dart overhead. Reminds me of junior high in Norco, California. I’d ride my back to baseball practice along a windy, hilly trail path. In the evening coming back from the junior high field, I’d be dive-bombed by bats.


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