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Q: Why did the computer keep sneezing? A: It had a virus! Q: What is a computer virus? A: A terminal illness! Q: Why was the computer cold? A: It left it’s Windows open! Follow this link to Read more.

Not just on one electronic. My laptop and phone went down at the same time. Without my phone, my tablet was also worthless. Major Electronic


Did you miss me? I wonder if anyone online missed me. We are all so busy in our own little worlds, I wonder if we even know when someone’s been missing online (and sometimes in real time) for days.

I dropped my laptop, broke the screen (sniffle). Ye-GadsDamaged Laptop royalty-free stock photo

It was still under full warranty,  but it was a nightmare trying to get it ready to be mailed off. Serial numbers and model numbers are always on the back of the laptop, yes? No. There was a model number, but it wasn’t the same as the one they had on record. So I began calling HH Gregg. I say began calling because it took several calls to get it all straightened out. I won’t go into detail here, but if you want to know more just let me know.  I did have a very nice person on the phone who worked with me and finally got everything sorted out between my laptop and the warranty folks. He even said he’d print out the return label and mail it for me. When I went into the store to give him my laptop, he wasn’t there. I informed the other man that James had left the label and the box for me in the office. The man begrudgingly went to the office and came back with a large box, I handed him my laptop, but he didn’t grasp it. He said they would not mail it for me. Again briefly, I ended up buying a box for $16.00 to access the free return. The laptop is on its way.

  The phone was also a nightmare. I was not sure what I wanted perhaps a newer version of the one I had. It just so happened the Note 5 had all the same features, and the lady said they were running a special. No contract, and for $150.00 I could get that phone and the case. I was jubilant. Went home and started downloading my favorite. The next day at church I went to take a photo and got the message–not enough memory. Back to the phone store, we went right after church. Turns out, there is only 32 gigabytes total, not expandable. Got a different phone, take it home upload my favorite apps, search for a way to cast or mirror it to my Smart TV, it was not compatible, plus the cord was not a USB cord so I would not be able to hook it to my laptop. So I return the third time.

    “Forget it!” Frustration oozed from my very being. “Just reactivate my husband’s old phone with my number, and I do not want to be charged another restocking fee!” The manager stepped in and got us new phones that we are so far, happy with, but as we were leaving. He says this will only slightly increase our bill by $30.00 each. To me, $60.00 more a month is more than slightly, plus we had already paid $300.00. Had to go, we stopped in there on our way to the truck. Ran out of time. I hope I never have another Electronic Failure, but I’m sure I will.

Years ago, (yes when dinosaurs walked the earth), phones were for phone calls, the Internet was dial.up, and even if it was slow, (turn it on, make a cup.of coffee, wash the dishes before it connected)but, there were no ads, no popups, and if something didn’t work right it was an easier fix. I was so much more productive, only worked two games of solitaire before I got down to business. I was so much calmer.

How’s your electronic life? How’s your frustration level? What makes you scream Ye-Gads?

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21 thoughts on “Ye-Gads Electronic Failure

  1. Cher’ley, I don’t have a ‘cell’ phone, and I couldn’t be happier. I do feel for you. When our ‘lifelife’ goes out, we are so frustrated. Folks seem to know that and prey on it.

    You do make a good point, we are so busy we don’t always notice when someone is missing. You’d think with wll the connections we have it wouldn’t happen. Thank you for the reminder. Here’s to better electronic years ahead. Doris


  2. Thus far, it’s only my laptop that has given me fits over the years: now I have 3 of them, and one is simply for writing stories — I will not use it for the internet in order to keep it “clean.” I’ve had several friends that end up with major viruses and their computers are never the same again. Fortunately, I’ve not experienced that yet, but do have all the “junk” which bombards a person online and that seems to slow my computer down — A LOT! So, having one simply for writing (and especially since it cost less than $160) is worth it to me. My phone — well, I keep running out of memory even though I don’t do a lot of apps, games, and such — guess I need to figure out why that is before I lose something important, like photos. 🙂 Good luck, Cher’ley — these electronic gadgets are handy but they can also be a big PAIN!!


    1. You should send your photos to one of your laptops. I back everything up on an external hard drive. I put all my photos on Flickr. And back them up on the hard drive. If they end up wiping something or all off my laptop, zI have the info backed up.


    1. You should send your photos to one of your laptops. I back everything up on an external hard drive. I put all my photos on Flickr. And back them up on the hard drive. If they end up wiping something or all off my laptop, zI have the info backed up.


  3. We have become so dependent on electronics to be without it is disconcerting. I remember attending a conference in Helsinki probably a decade ago where the Chief Technology Officer of Nokia said taking calls on cellphone in the future would be an occasional thing and that we’d use the phones for everything else happening in our lives. It’s been a pretty close assessment.


  4. Sorry to hear of your technology problems, Cher’ley. You’re right that people can seem to disappear for days from the internet- sometimes because Facebook doesn’t share their feed with us. My moblile phone stopped functioning last Friday so today, or more likely tomorrow, I’ll need to get that sorted out. It’s 2 and 1/2 years old and definitely out of warranty. I think with all the medical things going on with you and Del just now that you need a phone link.


  5. I call computers “the consitpators of our society.” They are wonderful in many ways, but when used in the medical world and business world, they sometimes cause big time wasting moments. Putting electronic charting in a clinic where I worked added an hour of time to the nurses’ day–each nurse. Money… I once got over $100 free groceries at Walmart due to the computer freezing up and the operator hitting the reset button too many times. Sometimes at work I waited 5-10 minutes just for the computer to open screens so i could chart. So much good with so much bad. How frustrated you must have been. Hope you are running smoothly electronically now and will be physically soon too.


  6. I’ve had my share of computer and cell phone frustrations too. My cell phones used to be horrible – not enough memory even though I barely had anything on it, they’d crash for no reason. I got insurance on my cell phone and they replaced my faulty ones. Now I love the one I have. I just bought a new laptop yesterday. I do all my writing on my desktop at home and rarely use laptops. But in the next few months, I’ll need the ability to access documents as well as write while traveling so I figured it’s time to get a functioning laptop. My old one refuses to turn on and it’s super HEAVY. I have a netbook that I loved but then it worked for only about 6 months before it started to get really slow. I gave up on it. So I hope I have better luck with this laptop. It’s an SSD instead of a hard drive so it’s lightning fast and really light. So far, I love it but we’ll see how it does when I take it on trips. So I feel for you, Cher’ley!


  7. My sympathies on your electronics woes. 😦 It’s amazing how helpful and frustrating our gadgets can be. I had to replace my last phone three times in 2 years. Got a different one now and it’s got problems too. Grrr. Getting close to replacing my big laptop too. Why do they have to keep changing the OS? Hope things go better from now on.


  8. My electronic issue is with my new car. I bought a Ford Escape with Bluetooth connectivity, so I can make hands-free phone calls, listen to my music, and play my phone’s GPS audio directions through my car stereo system. It worked great until I was about half-way to Baltimore, I place I’d never driven. Suddenly, it decided that my phone didn’t exist and wouldn’t be told otherwise until the next day, when I was on my way home. It suddenly, without warning, started communicating with the phone again. I knew when it happened because music came blaring out of my stereo. It works now, but not correctly all the time. I have an appointment to get it looked at.


  9. I am so sorry you’re having trouble with electronics. Nowadays when one thing goes out, it’s like a whole chunk of life goes with it. My dumb cell phone doesn’t do much besides act like a phone–I think it would but I haven’t cared to try. I’ve just learned to text but insist on writing entire letters instead of a few words. We don’t have a GPS. But when my laptop or Wi-Fi goes down, there is wailing and gnashing of teeth.


  10. It is not only confusing with today’s electronic life, but frustrating, as well. I was sitting in my recliner, got up to do something and smashed my iPhone. It cost me $200 (with insurance) to replace it. Now we are arguing with Verizon about gigabytes. They want us to buy a plan that costs $80 a month for more and we refuse. Hope everything turned out well and you were able to replace your laptop. I have a MacBook Pro that is 6 years old and it got all crazy this year. I took it to a certified dealer, paid $200 for a complete overhaul, and he assured me that it would last another five years. I am keeping my fingers crossed!


  11. When I upgraded my phone I got a flip phone. I load minutes every now and then. I don’t text, take pictures or have any aps on my phone. Yes I am a bit old fashioned. We don’t have cable either. Yet somehow I survive in this modern world.


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