I AM an Eagle by Darrah J. Perez


In life there are 3 questions we must always ask ourselves.
1.)Who am I?
2.)Where have I been?
3.)Where am I going?

We as people must remember that our words and thoughts are powerful, they have the ability to create things into existence. So when we discover who we are, when we remember, where we’ve been, and when we visualize, where we want to be; these 3 things are what will help us to obtain our goals in this lifetime.

How many of you have ever heard of angel numbers?

How many of you have ever heard the phrase, “everything happens for a reason?”

Well, I will tell you from my experiences, that there is no such thing as a coincidence. From what I’ve been through, I do believe that everything happens for a reason. We go through things in life, whether good or bad, and each of these things help to create and teach us, about who we are.
Not too long ago, I had to go to the doctor, I was having problems with my stomach and having problems going to the bathroom. My doctor kept telling me, “it’s nothing serious, no need to worry.” But I kept having these problems and I knew something wasn’t right. For we all know when something is wrong with our bodies, right?
We listen to our bodies, if it tells us we are sick, if we’re not feeling well, we go to the doctor. Right?
Well, these doctors kept telling me, “you’re fine, you’re alright, it’s in your head.”
They made me almost feel crazy. I kept going to work and doing everything I normally did. One day after work, I was tired and decided to take a nap. And you know how you get tired and you are laying there half awake and half asleep? You know what I’m talk about?
Well, I was in that state, and I heard something whisper to me. It said, “it’s stomach cancer.”
When I heard that, it woke me up. I got up and looked around to see who whispered to me. I saw no one, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I heard what I heard.
I went back to the doctor, and requested that they do a colonoscopy on me. I had to fill out paperwork to get funding to have the procedure done.
I kept putting it off, I questioned myself, wondering if I really wanted to know. I was embarrassed to have to go through something like that.
I kept waiting and waiting. I started noticing that every time I would travel away from home, my phone would ring. It was the doctor’s office, wondering if I made my appointment yet.
Every time….I began thinking, wow these people are persistent. Why do they keep bothering me?
I finally took the messages they were giving me and made my appointment, the doctor said, “I probably won’t find a thing, you’re too young. You’re only 36, but I’ll do the procedure to put your mind at ease.”
Okay, now what would have been only a 15 minute procedure, ended up lasting an hour and a half.
And right before I woke up from the anesthesia, I had an experience. I was flying in the sky. I could see the valley, I could see the mountains. I had wings, I was an eagle. I felt the wind against my head and into my wings. I lifted my head and could feel the sense of being majestic.
I woke up and saw my mom sitting there, and tears starting rolling down both sides of my face, I told her, “I am an eagle.”
At that time the doctor came in with pictures, he handed them to me and said, “this is what we had to get out.”
It was a large mass close to my stomach, which the doctor said, “in six months, it would of been full blown cancer.”
So you see, nothing is a coincidence. Everything has a purpose. Everything happens for a reason.
I listened to the messages. The whispers, the angel numbers, the dreams, and my ancestors.
We all have the ability to do whatever it is we are meant to do. The Creator blessed each of us with different gifts. My gifts are poetry, storytelling, and writing. I use my gifts to help others, it is what I am meant to do. In the long run, I get rewarded for listening to the messages in what the universe guides me to do. My rewards are more messages, more wisdom.
We all have the ability to use the Creator and the Ancestors. All it takes is for a person to create a clear mind which means we must cut out any toxic substances from our bodies such as mind altering substances which can block our abilities to focus.
We must be strong in prayer, and believe that anything is possible.
When we learn about angel numbers, and the meaning of dreams, the messages and the whispers in the wind, it will happen not just once, but begin happening all the time.


Eagle is my name….
I am an eagle
as are, so many of us.
Art defines our journey.
Artist is my name.
I am an eagle that soars given directions from the maker; Creator of heaven and earth.
I am an eagle so gentle in my ways feeling the emotions of others both living and spiritual.
I am an eagle majestic and brave. I feel the wind beneath my wings, the wind through my feathers, and the wind around my frame.
I am an eagle majestic is HE, he knows that eagles are sacred.
Eagles are the storytellers of the greatest seekers of the universe.
An eagle knows when lessons are taught and when exactly to pay attention. An eagle gives all of its strength and glory. An eagle is strong is all of its ways.
HE above, around, high, low, knows that eagles are blessed creatures and that eagles are indeed chosen.
Did you know, we each have the ability to be an eagle? Art brings out the eagle, in us.
I will always remember that I am an eagle, grateful and proud.
With my head held high, I will always remember….. Eagle is my name.
©2016 Darrah J. Perez


22 thoughts on “I AM an Eagle by Darrah J. Perez

  1. You’re wise to listen and to press your doctor to look further than they think is necessary. It’s part of being the partner in health we’re told we’re supposed to be. I’ve had to insist doctors do tests, and I’ve always been proved right. It was hard to insist, but they’ve been glad I did, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, sometimes it is hard to be seen as a patient instead of a person. Every now and then there are those doctor that do just that. But, when its the ones who places their feet into the shoes and eyes of the patient, they are the ones who have the capacity to treat everyone with such kind hearted compassion.


  2. An inspiring post and a beautiful poem, Darrah — thank you! I’m so thankful to know you followed your spirit guide and that you are on the road to healing. May the years ahead bring you blessings as you seek to bless others.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A powerful post! You are blessed. I believe we don’t “listen” to the spirit within us and around us enough. I think we are too distracted by the gift of sight, and ignore our insight, a gift from God. So glad your persistence paid off. I am always upset with my fellow medical compatriots who don’t listen to the patient or their family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it is so true that we don’t always listen to our inner selves enough and that is why I use my gifts to write and spread the messages provided to me. Being an inspiration to others is what lifts me up into cloud 9. Life is a beautiful thing!


  4. Darrah, I loved your poem. Your emotions come through in your writing. I’m sorry you have a mass, but so glad you insisted on them running the test anyway. I praise God.

    Del, our daughter, her husband, and I went on a train ride yhat spots Bald Eagles. We saw a lot of them. Del’s favorite Bible verse is Iasiah 40:31 ) Those who hope in the Lord will renew their streghth, they will mount up on Eagles Wings, the will run and not be faint, walk and not be weary. Cher’ley

    Liked by 1 person

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