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I love school supply time. Okay, so I don’t love having to purchase an entire warehouse full of supplies, but I do love the idea of all those fresh new notebooks, pencils and yes, even tubes of glue. There is so much promise in all those lovely blank notebooks. They are  just waiting to be filled.

And, what could be better than a box of freshly sharpened color pencils. We have an entire container of now dull colored pencils. Yes, we have multiple pencil sharpeners, but who wants to stand there sharpening a pile of pencils!

When the kids were smaller and still did art projects and coloring I would love the sound of them sifting through the crayon/colored pencils looking for the perfect crayon. In order to be perfect it had to be the right color and it had to be sharpened or at least not worn down to a dull nub.

One of my daughters refused to use the “nakedy” crayons, those that had no wrapper, she didn’t like how the crayon felt in her hand.

As the kids get older their school supply lists change from crayons, markers and colored pencils to loose leaf paper, post it notes and binders. There is nothing fun about purchasing 15 black 3” three ring binders.

I might just have to pick up a box of colored pencils and an adult coloring book just for myself. How about you, do you love new supplies?

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9 thoughts on “Supplies

  1. I loved shopping for school. Like you I like the look of new crayons, pencils, note books and school clothes. I don’t see much exciting about 3 ring notebooks either! I loved school however, and my husband had a whole different take on shopping for school.


  2. Your column brought back childhood memories. In elementary and junior high, I always loved the weeks before school when mom would take me to get my school supplies. Beyond the book covers and the crayons and the notebooks, etc., I loved to get the lunch pails, always a space exploration motif.


  3. As someone who dreaded going back to school (the irony of the fact that I became a teacher is not lost on me), the one part of it that I always looked forward to was shopping for school supplies. I feel the same way as you. I love a brand new notebook and a perfect, untouched box of crayons. And I also remember looking forward to picking out my new lunch box every year.


  4. Ah, Jennifer! Memories. I liked buying new supplies for myself and my kids. When a practising teacher, I stocked up so much that I still have boxes of crayons and pencils around the house – waiting for my grand kids to use.


  5. I also bought one of the adult coloring books, but have never used it — guess I’m too busy and stressed to do so! HA! I love getting new notebooks and pens for my story interviews, and just this year, I purchased a recording device so that I can better capture quotes for my newspaper and magazine stories. Sure wish I’d done that a few years ago! Good luck with school shopping and school starting!


  6. Really nice post, Jennifer. I love all kinds of school supplies and my children did too, when it was time to get ready for school. I like the way you imagined all the pages filled with writing and art work. BTW, I have and love coloring books. I use colored pencils as my medium and love shading and finding just the right color. So maybe kids aren’t so different from adults?


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