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This past weekend my oldest daughter volunteered in a face painting booth during our city’s annual Cornfest—yes, it is just what it sounds like a celebration of sweet corn.

The event is held at a local park, it has a nice little craft/shopping area, a cute little petting zoo, the obligatory carnival and the “Kiddie Corner”. Now, the Kiddie Corner is where the face painting booth is located along with other fun “kiddie” stuff like a bouncy house and a mini golf.

Here is the problem. I told my daughter that the booth was in Kiddie Corner, and she took it to mean a literal “corner”, so when I dropped her off at the gates she started looking for a booth that was in a corner.

Needless, to say after two laps around the Cornfest she still hadn’t found her booth and she was mad (did I mention that it was lightly sprinkling? So she was a mad, wet teenager). She called me to help her find the booth.

I met her at the entrance and we started looking for the booth. Within two feet I spotted the kiddie corner and the face painting booth in all its glory. She’d walked by that booth at least twice and didn’t see it. Most likely because the booth itself wasn’t in a corner, and it didn’t fit the picture she had in her head. And, how many of us are guilty of this? Allowing an image we have in our head hold us back or prevent us from going forward?

I hugged my wet, grouchy (the I had to ask my mom for help kinda grouchy) and left her to paint faces.

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9 thoughts on “Perception

  1. Short and to the point. I bet a lot of us do that at times! Glad she stuck it out though and painted faces. I often don’t realize that what I say is clear as mud to others, because I didn’t explain fully.


  2. Funny story. Hope your daughter can laugh about it now. There was a time I used to man booths at fairs. Usually a newspaper booth. One time the Lions Club in Ohio had a booth and helped out.


  3. This sounds like a fun festival. With my limited vision, I’m always refreshed when someone with good eyes has trouble finding something, although the other person probably doesn’t see the situation the same way I do.


  4. Oh, Dear. Not a great start to a fun day, but yes I do know that I’m very guilty of making assumptions and not always ‘seeing’ the reality of things- especially if I’m preoccupied with something running through my head at the same time as trying to locate some place. I can picture myself being like your daughter and walking past everything once before my more rational self would be saying ‘just find it because you know it’s there somewhere’. I hope it didn’t mar her day too much.


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