Back to School Means Goals

CindyCarrollEA new school year always means goals to me. Like the goals I create at the beginning of every year, when a new school year starts in September I feel the need to create goals again. Or at least look at the ones I had and reassess. For us the schools start again on Tuesday next week. I live in a University town so the coming weekend will bring lots of students back to the city and we’ll welcome new students here for the first time. Some of the major roads going through town are closed next Saturday for most people to help the students moving in get where they need to go.

From Depositphotos Copyright kzlobastov
From Depositphotos Copyright kzlobastov
This year going hand in hand with the goals reassessment is end of summer cleaning. My brother in-law is going to be visiting in October for Thanksgiving so this is the perfect time to scrub the house and get everything (my office included) in order. I will be going through all the rooms in the house and getting rid of things we don’t use anymore. Donating things that can be used by others in need of them. Once the house is spotless and my office looks like an office it will stay like that. I’m actually looking forward to diving into the rooms this weekend. Tossing things that I meant to get rid of years ago. The garage has turned into my replacement storage unit. When I empty the storage unit I did no purging. We just moved everything from there to the garage. I loved getting rid of the monthly bill but now I’d like my garage back.

Also part of my back to school plan is a writing goal. It’s lofty. It’s going to be hard. But I’m determined to succeed at this goal. I can’t reveal what it is yet but I will go into it in my September post. It involves a lot more writing than I’ve been doing and lot more publishing. I think I can do it.

Once the house is order again I think I’d like to have a dinner party. Or a party period. It seems we haven’t had people over to the house in ages and it would be nice to entertain again.

What does back to school mean to you?

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11 thoughts on “Back to School Means Goals

  1. Like Abbie, school is not on my radar these days, although I’m taking a writing class at the local community college through community education; I’m also planning to attend a one-day writer’s workshop. Goals, however, are more on my radar although I lack the discipline to set and then achieve them. Perhaps after taking the class and workshop I’ll be more inspired to not just think about goals, but to actually writing them down and then planning to accomplish them. Good luck with all you have going on this fall, Cindy!


  2. While I am many, many years from my days going back to college after the summer break, your words do remind me of the fall of 1970 when my dad and mom drove me to Ohio University for my freshman year of college — to begin my effort to get that journalism degree. So different from nowadays. No going online to sign up for classes. We actually had to go to a gym and go from display to display to choose our classes. Took hours. OU was quite large… I had to take a map with me to make sure I got to my classes. Nothing like going from a high school of 600 students to an university of 20,000.


  3. For me, the back to school season is one of getting ready to hibernate. Staying in more, reading and writing more. But also slowing down. It doesn’t always happen, but it is a fond memory. Doris


  4. I thought I was past the being a teacher and a mother of kids at school but now it’s my grand kids that I’m focusing on as they begin new school terms.


  5. Back to school for me means no more crowds at the beach and the pier during the week. Restaurants tend to be less crowded and things settle down which I like. As far as goals, I start to reassess the ones I made earlier in the year and realize how much (or how little) I’ve accomplished. Usually I attain goals that I didn’t know I would set (writing opportunities that come up, etc.) but the long-term is still not done yet. Good luck with your writing goal and can’t wait to hear what it is!


  6. I live in 3 areas now and have things stored in a fourth. I have my house in Florida, in Ohio, and in the truck I still have a 10 x 30 art building at the house that we sold, but I didn’t sell the building with it. If I could ever get things in one place I could probably sort through and get rid of some things. I am getting rid of some things now, bu there are so much more I need to get rid of. School means nothing to me right now. Cher’ley


  7. Good post, Cindy. I have started sorting things for Goodwill and we have been taking about a load every couple of weeks. We have so many “things” we thought we’d need and have accumulated over the years that they just end up collecting dust. My goal is to have everything out by November and the house clean and ready for winter, sans all the extras. I have to be careful about setting goals because if I don’t meet them I get very upset. I do set small ones that I know are reachable though.


  8. For me back to school means parks and recreation areas are empty during the week, so I have more photo opportunities. Fewer people are traveling so there are less cars on the road when we head to out of the way destinations.

    As for riding the house and garage of unused items, I did that a few years ago when we moved. I took downsizing to the extreme, however we have managed to accumulate more stuff in the past few years. Our area has a community yard sale each July. So in June I purged the house of unused items. I was surprised by just how much stuff we had. The last day of the sale I made a big sign ” Everything 25 cents each. It didn’t matter what it was I sold it for a quarter. Then I took the quarters and bought books to donate to a library down south that was flooded in June. None of the yard sale stuff came back into the house and I have lots of books to donate.


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