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The kids returned to school today. I know most parents celebrate that day, seeing it as an end to lazy summer days. Those lazy summer days are exactly why I am sad that it is the first day of school.

I love sleeping in, and by sleeping in I mean anything past 6a, we don’t do it enough! The kids had summer school, plus I go into the office 2x a week. Oh and don’t forget the cats! Their tummies are set to 6a, and if you aren’t up promptly at 6 scooping out the food there is hell to pay. So there were really just a few days we stayed in bed past 6.

During school my day is so structured get everyone off to work or school and go to work myself either at the office, at the home office or running that huge list of errands (I mean really how can we need that much food AGAIN).

Summer, well we have things scheduled (like drama class) but not quite as rigidly as during the school year. The worst part about school is the staggered pick up times that occur when the kids have after school activities nothing like going to the school/s at 3, 4, and 5p.

Although, I did enjoy my walk today. I try to walk every single day, both Ginger and I need it. During the summer it can be hard to use the walk as meditation time because I am either hurrying because someone needs to be picked up, or it’s too hot and sweaty (this occurred waaaay to much this summer). Today was perfect! A gorgeous late summer day. I could take as long a walk as I wanted. The neighborhood was so quiet.

If you’re a parent do you love back to school time?

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8 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Back to school time brings out kids on the street everywhere, school buses, 20 mph speed limits and sales on school items. It’s also a harbinger of fall. Way past sending kids to school but definitely notice “the time.”


  2. I was excited, resigned and filled with annoyance every time it came to the start of school when I was the mother of kids at school because I was also a teacher myself. The unstructured days of summer were wonderful! Maybe try for a slightly later rise on Sat and Sun? 😉


  3. The only change to my routine from summer to fall is watching out for the kids going to school when it starts and those parents who drive the wrong way on our one-way street! Best to you and the kids, Jennifer!


  4. I always looked at Back to School as fun days for my children and me. I did a lot of sewing for them and they loved the new clothes and shopping for school needs. The first day of school I always took pictures. We loved the summer too and had lots of good times together. Going back to school was just so much fun for them that I had to go along with it and be happy.


  5. When my daughter was young I looked forward to back to school time. Back to school meant she would reunite with friends, and I would have some down time. Now that she is grown back to school has taken on a different meaning for me. It is more about fewer people out and about and avoiding a particular road when the busses are going to or leaving the school.


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