First Job

This post by Jennifer Flaten

My daughter officially started her first part-time job. She is working for a local restaurant. She is super excited to be making money, plus she is the first of the twins to get a job, which gives her bragging rights.

Her excitement about her new job has me thinking about my first job. When I was 14 my mother had me enroll in a teen job bank run by the local bank. I can’t imagine something like this would fly in this day and age.

Kids put in there names and were matched up with homeowners looking for cheap labor. In my case, I got a woman looking for “light” housekeeping. She had a cute house within walking distance of mine.


She wanted dusting and vacuuming etc, nothing a teen can’t handle, except for the birds. She had several large parrots, a cockatoo and a cockatiel. I don’t mind birds, my family has owned parakeets and even had a cockatoo but not more than one at a time!


Her house was loud! I mean LOUD. All the squawking-constantly. The birds didn’t seem too enamored of me and they weren’t afraid to show it. I didn’t last there too long. For a long time afterwards I would always imagine I heard her birds squawking when I walked by her house on my way to my new job.

What was your first job?

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8 thoughts on “First Job

  1. Other than babysitting, which I wasn’t good at, I worked in an ice cream stand. Couldn’t stand ice cream then and its still not a favorite. Doris


  2. My first and only job was as an activities assistant in a nursing home here in Sheridan, Wyoming. I don’t think I could count my internship in Fargo, North Dakota, or the times I worked with my father in his business because I wasn’t paid for those.


  3. Please send my good luck to her- Jennifer! My first job at 15 years old was at a Sweetie Shop in central Glasgow. It was a late 1960s ‘Candy Store’ where the sweets/ ‘candies’ were weighed out from huge jars on shelves, so heavy I was always careful not to drop them. But … it also sold fruit, vegetables, flowers and newspapers. Since it was near the biggest Hospital in the city centre, I had to learn how to create beautiful wrapped flower arrangements; cellophane wrapped fruit baskets and big boxes of chocolates with huge bows. i loved that job from 1 p.m till 8 p.m on a Saturday because I could still play field hockey in the morning and get to the job in the city centre by bus/ often buses depending on where my tournament game was.


  4. When living in Iowa, I tried de-tassling corn one summer; I lasted a week (too hot and muggy). I hated babysitting but got conned into a few times. I had chores around the house and farm, primarily caring for the animals, and I made an allowance for those things. My first official job took place when I was a senior in high school — I served as a busser at a local fine dining establishment and I kept that job through my first two years of college. I was able to buy my first car as well as help pay for my college — and I met some really neat people. I tried waitressing — it lasted as long as the corn de-tassling! Hope your daughter enjoys her first job, Jennifer!


  5. Baby sitting while in college, something I wasn’t cut our for either! One enterprising toddler got up after I put him to bed, pulled drawers open on his chest of drawers, climbed up like a ladder and pulled the whole thing over on top of him. Thank the good Lord he didn’t get hurt. I’ll never forget it though!


  6. I worked one day as a farmworker when I was 18, and quit… I would soon move onto college and didn’t want to ruin my summer. Later during summer months when I was in college, I worked at the local library. That I enjoyed.


  7. My first job was in the packing house on a blueberry farm. Yes, I lived in NJ at the time. It wasn’t a bad job and the pay was great for a teenager. The worst part of the job was the long walk home each day. But it helped me save up for my first car.


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