I’m Going to the Black Hills

DSCN3599by Neva Bodin

As I write this I am mentally going over the list of things we need to take. We are leaving in the morning for the Black Hills of South Dakota, with our four-wheeler and camper. It is a beauteous place, with lots of bad guy history and the four presidents in rock—Mount Rushmore.Mount Rushmore, Monument, Landmark

I have completed all my free-lance writing for a couple weeks, and hope to read, relax, write, eat out and not worry about all the current stresses I have. We will be gone 5 days.

I have the 2012 guide to Custer State Park, where we will camp in a campground with full hookups, (not our usual style). I had another guide that year that read that the Park Bison were “pubicly owned.” I love typos, except when I make them.

Labor Day will be over and visitors should be at a minimum—our goal during trips. I will think of my fellow bloggers, and hope you are all having as grand a time as I expect to have.

We spent a morning driving to a prairie dog town a couple days ago. They have been pretty much wiped out. We saw one dog run to a burrow in an area of about 80 acres, while multitudes of burrows peppered the land. The spiders had woven doors across the entrances of the few I examined.

We ate our bologna sandwiches and fresh tomatoes and contemplated what had happened. Then I saw all the empty firearm shells lying nearby. I think this colony has seen its doomsday. A little further on down the highway, we saw a couple by the entrance to their home, one of them standing and alarming, in case there were others around.

These creatures are part of a food chain for coyotes, ferrets, owls and hawks. Ranchers do not like their burrows which are holes about the size of a horse’s or cow’s leg. And they become numerous. Since I hope to do a story on these creatures for a children’s magazine, it was a disappointing and sad trip. So I’m hoping I’ll find a prairie dog town in the Black Hills, where it will be protected from human predators.

Have a great week, and look forward to the Black Hills pictures next time.



13 thoughts on “I’m Going to the Black Hills

  1. Neva,

    I do hope the trip is all you hope and more. I also am saddened at the loss of so much wildlife. It seems everytime we think we know better than nature we get into trouble. Time will tell.

    Have a wonderful trip. Doris


  2. Thanks Doris. Our week did not turn out as expected. My sister became deathly ill two days into our trip and we had to go home and I had a 630 mile trip to my sisters. Still a little to write about next time!


  3. I love the Black Hills! I especially enjoy seeing the bison, the donkeys/mules, and other creatures. I, too, am saddened by the demise of the prairie dogs, and though I understand farmers and ranchers concern, as I always I snip, “but who was here first?” The Native Americans valued all animals, as do I (well, snakes are the exception for me, so I guess my native ancestry doesn’t quite fit in that case!) I’m so sorry about your sister; my prayers have been with you and her since we texted. Take care of yourself, my friend!


    1. Thanks Gayle. I love the Blackhills too, especially around Custer where we were. My sister has miraculously recovered and the doctor was just in and told her she is a tough lady. No one expected her to survive this. She is 86.

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  4. Thanks Sarah. It is sad, it was a very sad scene to see such a large former ‘town’ decimated. However, I understand both sides of the issue, having been a farmer, yet they are fascinating animal.


  5. That’s a shame that your trip wasn’t as expected but iIhope your sister is well now. The Black Hills sound wonderful and I know at one point in my flight to Vegas I was almost flying over Mount Rushmore( at least it claimed so on the flight navigation map) though at 38 thousand feet it wasn’t easy to see details! The info on the prairie dogs was new to me- thanks !


  6. I’m so jealous. Sound like a great trip. I have been to a prairie dog colony, but I can’t remember where it wss. Have fun and get rested up-😉like that’s going to happen. Cher’ley


  7. Your trip sounds interesting but sad. I can well imagine how you felt about the plight of the many animals that are someday going to be extinct. However, you must have had a great time seeing other sights and relaxing. I hope you came home rested.


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